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Tribute To The Dead But Not Forgotten ONE - Late Pastor Alimi Olayinka

 Tribute To The Dead But Not Forgotten ONE - Late Pastor Alimi Olayinka

By Familugba Victor Odunayo
During the latter stages of my undergraduate days at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, the inadequacy of needed funds made my journey to get educated, informed and certified very rough. Though my parents were ever-present to give the best support they could as at that time, I didn't want to bother them as I was faced with the reality check that of me not being the only child and it would show more responsibility on my side to ease the burden off their shoulders.
While the financial availability remained a conundrum, I was devastated but made up my mind to search for a part time job. Returning home that faithful day with a worried countenance, my curious Mum inquired to know what was amiss. Unfortunately, I wasn't in the mood to listen to her motherly sermon. Hence, I feigned a smile to put her mind at rest. However, I later opened up to her about the challenges I was faced with in school (after all my outfit says it all). We had a group presentation otherwise I won't look too formal.

After dismissing my Detective Mom, I picked up my rickety laptop, dusted it. My aim was to update my CV, who knows? I might be lucky. I painstakingly edited my CV, after editing, I was pleased with what I have on my screen. I made calls to few of my friends about my search for a part time job. At my own end I was surfing the internet for vacancies and disseminating my CV to job openings that fit my discipline or requirement.
My prayers were eventually answered. I received a text to report for a job interview at Wellspring Rehabilitation Centre which happened to be a non-governmental organization established by the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Till date I smile whenever I recall the interview session, the fierce stare of the six interviewers coupled with the ceaseless questions. At the end of the interview session I was entertained with an apple and a coca-cola bottled drink. I wonder how they knew I was hungry, I wasn't surprised, everybody knows Familugba Victor Odunayo does not joke with his stomach.
In a twinkle of an eye the drink was emptied and the apple reduced to nothing. Forgetting that I came for an interview, ignorant that there was a CCTV camera capturing my eating spree. My senses returned back to its normal state after eating. I remembered my purpose of visit "INTERVIEW". How come I was carried away by the hospitality?
I silently prayed to receive a congratulatory message accompanied with a letter of appointment. I was buried in my thoughts, murmuring a silent prayer until a gentle touch interrupted my noiseless prayers, I hurriedly opened my eyes to satisfy my curiosity. The person standing before me smiled and told me I am free to leave - also assuring me that I will be contacted.
The diplomatic response scared me but I didn't have a choice. I grabbed my school bag and was about to leave. Surprisingly, a thousand naira was handed over to me to cover my transport fare. I merrily said to myself: "this is commendable and timely". I thanked the person (
Agnes Ogunniyi
) that gave me the cash and bounced out.
Few weeks later, I was called to resume. My official responsibilities were to double as the Administrative Officer and Care Staff. I was overjoyed, hurriedly and happily shared the news with my parents. Although the pay wasn't huge but it was manageable. The next challenge was combining work and school together without my grades sinking. It was hell on earth, but I survived with the help of friends like
Abiodun Sodiq
Kehinde Bashir
The management introduced me to other staff. I felt welcomed. I was to work directly under the supervision of the Late Pastor Alimi Olayinka. He wasn't just a boss, he was a friend, a mentor and the father-figure I had in the organization. He covered up for me when unavoidable school duties emanated without prior notice, he exempted me from office duties during examination period.
Whenever I return from writing a 3 hour exam, Late Pastor Alimi Olayinka will welcome me with a pat at my back and bless me as if I am one of his. He shared his life experiences with me before and after he encountered Christ. Our relationship was blissful until death snatched him away. On the day he died I wept uncontrollably. The news of his death came to me like a thunderstorm. Hearing the news of his death was more painful than a snake bite.
Every day I recall the memories we shared before he passed on. I wish he is alive today. I am still pushing and moving on. By God's grace all his unaccomplished dreams and visions will be fulfilled.
Keep resting in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
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