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Kizz Daniel is winning with his #FvckYouChallenge

On March 15, 2019, star singer, Kizz Daniel released his latest single and it was curiously titled, ‘Fvck You.’ Coming off what the rising success of the pro-consent single, ‘Madu’ the baby-faced pop star blindsided many with his calculated, rude and foul mouthed giveaway single ‘Fvck You.’
Running on the smooth guitar riff-tinged Young John-produced 90BPM beat, the Flyboy Inc. boss plays the role of an angry and hurt lover who discovers that his lover has been highly unfaithful.
In truth, the song was destined to resonate with the social media generation of millennials to whom discussions on infidelity have become a staple. An extension of this also includes the concept of body shaming, which this song is made up of.

Relatable message that resonates with the audience

While he was always going to rustle a few feathers, in all honesty, no amount of false, hypocritical claims of slut-shaming could knock Kizz off this horse. He’s like a knight in the blood game of ‘jousting’ looking to knock anyone down with the power of the internet.
The Kizz Daniel’s tale of heartbreak is relatable. The bulk of his target audience have been on the wrong end of heartbreak, disrespect and infidelity at some point in their lives, some more than once. Others are the kind of people Kizz sings about, so no matter the way you look, you are either the ‘cheater’ or the ‘cheatee.’
It also helps that the song is good, but that is never enough to make any song a hit or viral, even when you are a popular singer with a considerable fanbase like Kizz.
While the subject matter doesn’t possess shock value, the language used to convey the message does. In Nigeria’s pop clime, singers steer away from using the ‘F’ word’. On this song Kizz Daniel embraces it.
Kizz Daniel has found himself an inanimate crusader for the song – a hashtag that conveys a trend to cover the same song, ‘Fvck You’ and somehow, the song found a home with his fellow celebrities; a tactic that was only going to promote the song further.
Poe tried it earlier in the year, but in his case, it became obvious that a bigger star power is sometimes required to channel things like this.
Since Kizz released a video of himself performing the song on March 24, 2019, his official Instagram page has since been littered with numerous covers of the song from fellow celebrities; Tiwa Savage, Falz, Simi, Sarkodie, Lil Kesh and so forth.
In all honesty, one struggles to argue against contentions that ‘Fvck You’ has become one of Nigeria’s biggest-song-cover-trend on social media.
Who U Epp’ campaign by street king, Olamide was probably as big if not bigger if you add the fact that Wande Coal’s cover made it into the final version. Kizz Daniel’s song has found a place with celebrity singers which makes it a big deal.
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