Ake, now 23, joined the London side as a teenager but was loaned out several times before moving to Bournemouth in 2017 for £20 million.
"In the end he was able to play at Bournemouth, but that is 10 percent of his career gone already. As a result, we warn young players that they first of all need to stay at home to play football."

Change in rules?

In the meantime, it seems only a change to the rules will stop rich clubs speculating and stockpiling talent as a means to making more money.
"I am campaigning to get FIFA to limit squad sizes," says Piat.
"UEFA, for example, limit clubs to 25 players who can play in the Champions League.
"If I were making the rules, I would say you could have 35 players under contract and then you can still loan as many of them out as you want."