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Student barks like a dog after being raped by Mallam

Student left barking like a dog after being raped by Mallam

A female student from Bariga in Nigeria’s Lagos is reported to have been barking like a dog for several days now, after a Muslim Cleric forcibly had sex with her as part of a supposed “spiritual cleansing to avert imminent death”.

Mustapha Hammed intimidated the suspect by telling her that he had a vision in which he saw death hanging around her, and she would die in 24 hours unless he performed spiritual cleansing on her.
Fearing to lose her life, the victim gave her consent to the supposed spiritual cleansing, but the 23-year-old Mallam rapped her in the process and reportedly used a certain cloth to wipe the blood.
Since then, the victim has reportedly been barking like a dog.
Bariga police commander, Imohimi Edgal confirmed the development to newsmen on Monday, after the arrest of the suspect.
Student left barking like a dog after being raped by Mallamplay

He said: “On July 12, 2018, a case of sexual assault by penetration was brought from Bariga Police Station to Gender Section for further investigation. The suspect, Mustapha Hammed who claims to be an Alfa was introduced to the survivor through a mutual friend.
“The Alfa deceived the victim that he saw in a vision that she was going to die within 24 hours. He took the girl to Ikorodu, Lagos for cleansing so that she would not die.
“At Ikorodu, he forcefully had carnal knowledge of the girl said to be a virgin as at then. He thereafter allegedly wiped off her blood with a white handkerchief and since then, her father alleged that the girl has been behaving abnormally because she was completely devastated and traumatized by the incident”.

Meanwhile, among all the claims levelled against Mustapha Hammed he admitted to all of them, including raping the victim. He however denied wiping the blood with a cloth.

He confessed to newsmen: “I told her (victim) that during divination, I saw that she had a spiritual husband. She confirmed it and said that had been the cause of her problem. I told her she would need to undergo spiritual cleansing in my house at Ikorodu.
“I instructed her to bathe and pray three times. After the first bath, I secretly put a live frog in her water. When she saw it, she ran out to inform me. I told her it was a bad omen and that the only solution was for her to sleep with a man.
“I told her to call her boyfriend but she said I should sleep with her since he was far away.
“I did it because I love her and intend to marry her. But because she is my girlfriend’s friend, I couldn’t express my love for her. I did not clean the blood with a cloth”.
It is not clear yet what is making the victim bark like a dog.
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