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Policemen beat up man over roasted yam

Policemen beat up man over roasted yam

In Ondo State, a man named Omobola Victor regrets his meeting with some SARS operatives who assaulted him while he trying to buy roasted yam.

According to Punch News, Victor who is also a beauty expert, was in company of his fiancée when the incident happened.
Policemen beat up man over roasted yamplay
In Ondo State, a man claims to have been assaulted by policemen while he was trying to buy smoked yam.
 (Grand Square Market)

Policemen carrying arms reportedly challenged the woman accusing her of touching one of the officers without permission.
“When I saw them there, I waited for them to buy their roasted yam from the seller before I bought mine, but the next thing I noticed was that the officer beside me touched my fiancée and she asked him why he touched her.
“The officer just faced me and asked me where my car was and I told him that I did not have any.
"One of the officials came down from the Hilux they brought and started beating me up, saying  I was stupid. People that gathered were too afraid to do anything.
“They bundled me into their Hilux and drove off, leaving my fiancée there. I thought they would take me to a police station in Akure but they took me to the Yaba Police Station in Ondo town," Punch gathered from the victim.

Policemen want money from victim

Based on the observation of the victim, the policemen who reportedly assaulted him seemed to be interested in collecting money from him.
They reportedly beat him harder for insisting that he is innocent.
This left some scars on the back of Omobola Victor who also had to deal with an officer who threatened to plant a drug substance on him.
“The officer said I was shouting that I didn’t do anything, but what about the drug they found on me. I told him that nothing was found on me and I saw him when he was bringing it out from where they kept it. He beat me up again.
“They asked me to pay them money, but I told them I didn’t have any. They checked my account balance and saw only N2000.
“One of the officers said I was a bad market. He said in Yoruba that, 'omo oloshi leleyi, won lowo nile won, won le rowo se case' (this one is poor, they can’t raise money for court case in his family).
“About three hours later, their boss came and ordered that they should drop me back to Akure when they were going for patrol.
“The officers dropped me back at the spot they picked me up from in Akure around 1pm with my cloth torn."
Policemen beat up man over roasted yamplay
Femi Joseph, a spokesperson for the Ondo State Police Command has asked a victim of police brutality to identify the officers who reportedly assaulted him.
 (Sahara Reporters)

This ended an evening of torture for Victor who has been invited to submit a complaint.
Femi Joseph, a spokesperson for the police wants him to pay a visit to the state command in order to identify the policemen who assaulted him.
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