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SaharaReporters boss, minister of communication clash in Ibadan

SaharaReporters boss, Sowore, minister of communication clash in IbadanThe publisher of SaharaReporters, Omoyele Sowore clashed with the Minister of Communications, Barrister Adebayo Shittu in Ibadan on Saturday, April 7, 2018.

The duo met at Fresh FM, an Ibadan based radio station, as guests of a public affairs programme called Political Circuit.
Daily Post reports that things got out of hand when Sowore greeted Shittu and referred to the minister as a member of the outgoing government.
He said “Minister, it is great to see you. This is the minister of an outgoing regime; the Buhari regime will be kicked off power by 2019.”
The statement angered the minister, who fired back at Sowore calling him a dreamer, and a verbal war ensued.
“You are a dreamer. By your wish or by God’s wish? You are just dreaming. You are a day dreamer,” the minister replied.
From then on, the two men released harsh words on each other, with Shittu describing the SaharaReporters publisher as inconsequential.
The minister said “You are inconsequential. That’s rubbish. I have been in politics since you were born. For forty years, I have been in politics and I was already a lawyer before I joined politics forty years ago. You can’t be here and talk rubbish.
“This is rubbish! You want to become president? You are a day dreamer. Who will make you president? You will be president of your Ife… not Nigeria. Go and be president in Ife. You think it is cheap as that? We will see.”
“Sowore, what is your electoral worth? Whether in your Ife, home or any part of this country?” he asked.

Sowore fires back hot

In his response, the publisher told the minister that Buhari came into power on the backs of Nigerian youths.
He said “My electoral worth brought you to power in 2015. Nobody even heard about many of you in 2014.”
“This was the same way Jonathan people were sounding in 2014… you are gonna be shocked in 2019, the Nigeria of the future is for dreamers like me,” Sowore added.

Minister blasts Sowore

Following Sowore’s reply, the minister of communication lost his temper and called the publisher a minion.
Shittu said “You think the presidency is for people like you? Go and start from being a councillor. I have been a member of the House of Assembly, I was a commissioner twice, I was already a lawyer… you wouldn’t know, you were too small.
“How old are you? How old are you? This is not a platform for minions like you to come… you think the presidency is something you can just buy in a market place? You are a giant in university politics (and) by the grace of God you will be put to shame.”

Sowore asks Nigerians for help

SaharaReporters publisher, Omoyele Sowore recently asked Nigerians to contribute to his 2019 presidential campaign.
Sowore set up his GoFundMe account on Tuesday, March 13, 2018, to raise $2m.
The publisher announced his intention to run for president on Sunday, February 25, 2018.
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