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Indian hemp addict murders grandmum who complains too much

An Indian hemp addict, Musendiku Christian, has reportedly murdered his grandmother, Maria Ogabi, who made complaints about his smoking habit.

The suspect who had just returned from prison lived with the deceased at her residence in Ishagira village, Ijanikin.
A report published by Punch News on Monday, April 9, 2018, disclosed that the victim, 80-years-old, was murdered in her sleep.
Indian hemp addict murders grandmum who complains too much (Press)

SP Chike Oti, the Lagos Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), confirmed the incident in a statement.
“The police received a report that the 80-year-old woman was hacked to death by the grandson, Musendiku Christian, at their residence.
“A police team visited and photographed the scene of the incident.
"The corpse was removed and taken to the general hospital mortuary, Badagry, for autopsy. The exhibit was recovered and the suspected arrested," says Oti whose comments trailed one given by an anonymous source.
According to Punch, late Maria Ogabi died from machete wounds believed to have been inflicted by her grandson who left her in a pool of blood.
Her corpse has been transferred to a mortuary at the Badagry General Hospital mortuary.
“He is on drugs and well known for taking hemp. He has been living with the grandmother for a long time. I don’t know where his parents live.
"The grandma always warned him against smoking hemp, but he would not listen.
“In the early hours of Saturday, April 2, there was a distress call from their apartment.
"When people got to the place, the woman was found in a pool of blood with machete injuries on her body. She died on the spot.
“The case was reported to the police at the Ijanikin division and he was arrested. He just came back from prison,” a witness mentioned in a Punch News report.

Man stabs French tourist to death after mixing cocaine with booze

A French tourist has been stabbed to death by a delivery service man, Nicholas Foy after taking some dangerous drug combination that saw him ingest 4.5grams of cocaine and other drinks.
Foy who has been arraigned in court reportedly inserted a knife into the stomach of Laurent Volpe, 49, who was on a visit to his family. The incident which occurred in Eltham, South East, London.
"Do you want some?," the accused had told pedestrians who saw him randomly target the deceased.
Susanne Alavi, the prosecutor on the case told the court that Foy could not control his anger after consuming dangerous drug substances. He reportedly blamed his action on the amount of intoxicating intakes prior to the murder.
“Laurent Volpe was on his way to see his family and happened to walk past Foy who indiscriminately selected him as his victim.
“During his trial, Foy blamed his behaviour on the sheer amount of drink and drugs he had consumed.
"However, he conceded that when he combined these substances, he could not control his violent and aggressive temper.
“Yet he chose to take this dangerous cocktail before stabbing Mr. Volpe to death.
“This was a callous and, in the event, unsuccessful way of seeking to absolve himself of responsibility.
“I would like to thank the many witnesses, including Mr. Volpe’s family, who came forward and gave evidence in court.
“I hope this sentence provides some comfort for them and Mr. Volpe’s friends. Our thoughts are with them," Prosecutor Alavi expressed while addressing the court.

Man stabs French tourist to death after mixing cocaine with booze (Press)

According to reports, Foy took "five pints of lager, a litre of Jack Daniels whiskey and rum, and taken up to four-and-a-half grams of cocaine before leaving the house at 6.45pm."
Judge Sarah Munro revealed that the accused had unknowingly consumed the strong combination despite knowing the potential harm.
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