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Ex-Governor arrives Ekiti, describes Fayose as his boy

Orji Kalu arrives Ekiti, describes Fayose as his boy

Former Governor of Abia state, Orji Kalu, on Sunday, April 8, 2018, arrived Ekiti state, despite warnings by the state Governor, Ayo Fayose.

Fayose, on Saturday, April 7, 2018, warned Kalu not to come to the state to campaign for President Buhari.
In his response, the former Abia state Governor said that the Ekiti state Governor is his boy.
Kaul also revealed that Fayose stayed in his house for 90 days after he was impeached during Olusegun Obasanjo’s tenure.
He said “My attention was called from Ondo State on Saturday that Governor Fayose said I should not come to Ekiti , Fayose is my boy, he can’t stop me from coming. He is my boy and he knows he can’t stop me on anything.
“Governor Fayose was in my house for 90 days after he was impeached, he is my friend but he has gone beyond his limit by saying a bonafide elder statesman like me should not come to Ekiti.
“Fayose was in my state, Abia last week, nobody said he should not come, so I have declared war on him. Even if I sleep on the floor, I will still defeat Fayose on any issue.”

Fayose acting like a thug

Kalu also said that Governor Fayose’s comment is simply a manifestation of thuggery.
The former Governor called on Ekiti people to vote Femi Bamisile as Governor during the upcoming Ekiti governorship elections on July 14, 2018.
I am ready to support whoever you bring up as candidate here in Ekiti for the July 14 election, because I am part of you.
“If I am to choose for you, I will choose Hon Bamisile, but this lies on Ekiti delegates. However, as a national leader of APC, I am ready to support whoever you bring up,” he added.

OBJ most corrupt president ever

According to Orji Kalu, former President Olusegun Obasanjo is the most corrupt Nigerian leader ever.
He also described the former President as the most incompetent President the country has ever had.
The former Governor revealed that OBJ “came into office with less than N20,000 and he later built multi billion naira Otta Farm, Library Project and the Hilltop Mansion.
“That is why somebody like me is in Ekiti to tell our people not to listen to Obasanjo.”
“Nigerians should tell former President Obasanjo to stop writing frivolous letters.
“It was sad that some who behaved badly while in government by not listening to advice could talk like this.
“Let me tell you emphatically that President Buhari will contest again, don’t listen to letter writers like Obasanjo.
“Obasanjo has been president twice, so he should keep his letter in Otta for himself.
“If anyone will caution President Buhari, it should not be Obasanjo. If you check your records very well, he remains the most corrupt president ever,” he added.

Kalu also said “The economy was in comatose when this government came on board, today President
Buhari has raised the foreign reserve from $23 billion to as much as $47 billion while the menace of Boko Haram has been defeated.
“So, some people are out to destabilise his government. We want Nigerians to embrace love, peace and show understanding.”
Kalu is the acting chairman of the advisory board for the National Movement for the Re-election of President Buhari.
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