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The moment Fani-Kayode and Reno insulted themselves on social media

So, last weekend, it went down. Really down and messy between Reno Omokri who was new media aide of former President Goodluck Jonathan and Femi Fani-Kayode who served as Nigeria’s aviation minister at one point.

What exactly happened? Let’s cut to the chase.
Fani-Kayode wrote a piece (you know, one of those his hard hitting articles) where he went after Atiku Abubakar, former Nigeria Vice President and 2019 presidential hopeful.
It was over whether all killer herdsmen are Fulanis. Atiku says they are not. Fani-Kayode says they are.
Reno Omokri expressed a blunt criticism concerning the obscenity observed on the  Big Brother Naija reality television show. play Reno has been accused of sucking up to Atiku (Bella Naija)

Omokri took on Fani-Kayode for taking on Atiku.
And then, it went really downhill from this point.
We have to warn that the following back and forth between Fani-Kayode and Omokri comes with a parental advisory. It’s rated 18.

Fulani rectum

Omokri: Dear @RealFFK, read what you quote Atiku as saying and read what Atiku actually said. Note that there are two different statements. You misrepresented him. You twist his words. Your quote was dishonest. Quote Atiku. Don’t put your words in his mouth. You won’t like it done to you.
Fani-Kayode: For God sake stop sitting on the fence and hedging your bets. Be a man, call a spade a spade and stop trying to suck Atiku’s Fulani rectum. Real pastors don’t eat arseholes. Trust me, Atiku will respect you more when you tell him when he is wrong
Omokri: Boko Haram became the deadliest terror group in the world in 2014. It has been established by independent sources that most Boko Haram fighters are Kanuri from Borno/Yobe, but we do not call them Kanuri terrorists. We call them terrorists. Pure and simple….
Fani-Kayode: Bad choice. There is no comparison. Not ALL BH fighters are Kanuri but ALL Fulani terrorists and herdsmen are Fulani. They are represented by Miyetti Allah which is an org with a Fulani leadership. Finally, most of their own Fulani leaders call them Fulani herdsmen. READ MY ESSAY!
Omokri: Recently the police arrested a notorious kidnapper known as Evans. Evans was even discovered to have been a billionaire. But neither the media nor Femi Fani-Kayode described Evans as an Igbo kidnapper or a Yoruba kidnapper. He was just a kidnapper.
Fani-Kayode: I don’t misrepresent people. I stand by all I wrote. I find it difficult to see the distinction in meaning between the two quotes you tweeted. Both represent an attempt by Atiku to suggest that some or all of the herdsmen are not Fulani.
Omokri: Actually, most of those involved in these killings are Mbororo also known as Bororo. I did a broadcast on this last year in London. If the Mbororo speak, the Fulani cannot understand them. The Mbororo differ from the Fulani as the Tiv differ from the Igbo.
Ex minister accused of beating pregnant wife, throwing her out  Fani-Kayode and his family (SaharaReporters)

Let us face the issue at hand instead of trying to divert it. You dishonestly misquoted Atiku and this is the proof. Be man enough to accept it and apologize. Would you like it if it’s done to you?
Look, Femi, you lied. Deal with it. I will not follow you into the gutter. I don’t need to suck up to Atiku. I made a fortune in US dollars from just one bestseller. I suck up to the truth not to men! You told a lie. Fess up to your lie.

Wendell Simlin

Fani-Kayode: The issue is the fact that you are wrong and I am right. You are disrespectful, insolent and more dishonest and insincere than anyone else. Remember the fake Wendell Simlin handle you used to attack others on Twitter? What could be more dishonest and cowardly than that?
You don’t have to get into the gutter because you were born in it and you never left. That is where you were born and that is where you will die. You say you made a fortune? Is the little change you have what you call a fortune? And how did you make that fortune? From working as a Pastor or working as an informant for the CIA?
You are the greatest liar of the century Wendell Simlin. You created a fake profile on Twitter to attack your enemies and you were caught with your pants down. You are a coward and a traitor too. Shut up and live with it.
White people tear Reno Omokri to shreds on Twitter play Reno Omokri has been accused of having his mouth right inside someone's rectum (renoomokri)

Omokri: I will not follow you into the gutter…
I am rude and you are polite? I am dishonest and you are honest? Really? Again, I put up Atiku’s words and your misquote of his words and leave it to any sane individual to judge who between us is right and wrong
Fani-Kayode: You are also encouraging them to slaughter more people and to burn more churches by not exposing them for what they are. Over and out.
Are you more Fulani than Elrufai who says the herdsmen are Fulanis? Are you more Fulani than Miyetti Allah who says they are Fulani? It is people like you that are trying to brush the filth under the carpet and cover these beasts.
That really escalated quickly. Even in an era of legendary clap-backs on social media, we found that...errrrr....over the top?
What’s your take guys?
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