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Teen raped by Imam offered to him in marriage

The family of a teen reportedly raped by an Imam have relocated to a different following embarrassment.

A Twitter user, Anty Fati, has expressed concern about a teenage girl who was offered as wife to an Imam who raped her.

According to a series of tweets, the family of the victim, decided on marrying off the victim, 14 years old, who is reportedly pregnant for her abuser.
The mother of the teen appeared disgruntled about the decision according to comments shared by Fati. An earlier intervention by the latter had proved abortive.
Efforts made by Fati soon yielded a positive response. In a subsequent post shared on Wednesday, March 21, 2018, it was gathered that the cleric has been relieved of duties as an Imam.
The family of the victim have reportedly moved to a different location in what is being described as an embarassment.

Imam who damaged 2-yr-old girl's private part says zipper opened by itself

In Mukono, Uganda, an Imam, Musa Mulo, who damaged the private part of a 2-year-old girl, has revealed that his trouser zipper opened by itself.
He mentioned this while giving a testimony at a High Court.
The accused committed the act in the year 2012, according to a police prosecutor, Ms. Janat Kitimbo, who mentioned that the cleric was able to abuse the toddler following a visit to his residence.
play Teen raped by Imam offered to him in marriage

The latter reportedly snatched her into a room, sexually assaulted her before making to release the victim.
"I carried that child, put her on my laps and I just saw my zip opening by itself,” says Mulo who was sentenced to a life in prison by Justice Margaret Mutonyi.
The latter, while giving her ruling described the Imam as a danger to the society, one that should be kept away from children.
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