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Big Brother Naija : Tobi finally shares passionate kiss with Cee C

Tobi and Cee C finally kiss on Big Brother Naija

After weeks of begging and being curved, Tobi finally gets a passionate kiss from Cee C.

Cee C finally gave in, sharing a very deep kiss with Tobi in the storeroom while Lolu watched.
The pair, popularly known as Ceebi have had a very controversial relationship, with Cee C rejecting Tobi's advances whilst being jealous of his relationship with other ladies in the house.
Over the weekend, Tobi had begged her for a peck. She refused, telling him that would never happen between them.

Tobi's relationship with Cee C

Tobi is currently paired with Cee C, which means that they are competing on the show as one.
When Tobi was first announced as a housemate on the show, it was assumed that he's a player and a renowned 'Yoruba Demon.'
However, he has often been criticized by viewers for persistently begging Cee C  for either a kiss or a crime he didn't commit.
Recently, when Ebuka asked Cee C if she was in a relationship or partnership with Tobi, she described the latter a 'messy child' on Live TV.

So what changed between Cee C and Tobi?

The theme for the week is bonding and to get the housemates to mingle and understand each other, Biggie has so far reshuffled the pairs thrice this week.
Yesterday, Tobi was paired with Bambam, while Cee C was paired with Lolu. While Tobi bonded and had a good time with his new partner, Cee C antagonized hers.
Eventually, Lolu was able to get Cee C to open up to him. They stayed up until the early hours of the morning conversing mostly about Cee-c’s love interest in the House, Tobi.
This morning, the two got into a fight that left Lolu injured by Cee C.  As their punishment, Lolu and Cee C were disqualified from the day's task and paired together for the rest of the week. This means that Lolu's original partner, Anto, is officially paired to Tobi for the week.
According to some viewers, the kiss is not genuine and is only a ploy by Cee C  to prevent Tobi from developing feelings or trying anything with Anto during their stay together.
Other viewers think that watching Tobi interact with Bambam without acknowledging her presence must have changed Cee C's mind.
Some others think her conversation with Lolu changed her perspective on her relationship with  Tobi.
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