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A female teacher was beaten to death for scolding student

The body of the deceased being lifted by some students off a gurney.

The parents of a female student, Okafor Chinaza, have been arrested by the police in Anambra state for beating her teacher, Odilinye Rita to death.

The tragedy reportedly occurred on Wednesday, November 29, 2017, at the Starlight Secondary School, Ogidi.Vanguard News reported that the student aged 14, had refused to clean the classroom as indicated on a roaster and was rude to the deceased while she tried to correct her. Her uncivil reaction towards Rita caused the latter to whip her but that response only made the student more rebellious.
Chinaza was alleged to have reported the incident to her family comprising of her mother and uncle, who visited the school with an intention to assault the teacher.
The student's mother was described to have ignored an appeal made by the proprietress of the institution who urged her to allow the matter be handled by the school administrators but that wasn't meant to be.
Change stole our school feesplayStudents in a classroom. (Nigeria School Blog)

The student's mother upon sighting the deceased who was returning from a meeting attacked her with a stick which caused her to collapse following the assault. The victim was taken to the Iyi-Enu Hospital, Ogidi, where she was declared dead by a doctor.

Giving an account concerning efforts she made to pacify the assaulter, the proprietress said:
“I was in my office with one of my teachers when she came in.
"I pleaded with them to allow the school look into the issue with diplomacy, as revenge won’t yield needed result. She accepted to forget and forgive as I promised her that we will handle the case."
Chinaza and her mother are reportedly in the custody of the police according to Vanguard News.

Wayward students are being indulged by their parents

There have been various recorded cases of confrontation between parents of some rebellious students and school administrators.
Teachers are being discouraged from beating naughty students at schools.playA classroom teacher. (Press)

While some of the happenings have been attributed to high handedness on the part of the instructors, most of the incidents have occurred due to the improper conduct of the students who can be quite stubborn in their refusal to carry out laid down instructions.
Some state educational boards and ministries have banned the use of canes on naughty students as there have been instances of deaths arising from beating students who have showed a lack of discipline.
This factor has encouraged some to continue in their troublesome ways which has altogether contributed to a steady decline in the moral values the school can provide to learners.
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