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Sections in Library

 There are five main sections in the library 

Acquisition section:  This section is responsible for acquisition of all library material. That is, they purchase or acquire materials for the library
Cataloguing section:  The librarians in this section classify the library materials for easy location or access and use by the library users.
Serials section: This section house all the periodicals, journals, magazine and newspapers that are available in the library.
Readers’ services section: This section is the image maker of the library. It consists of Reference unit, Circulation unit, Reserve books room and the Reading rooms where the shelves are located.
Automation section: This is the section of the library that maintains the computerisation of the library and also deploys internet services as well as e-library services to users.

Arrangement of library materials are in alphabetical order starting from A to Z using a predefined classification system e.g. LC , Dewey etc.  These letters A – Z have their different classes or subject areas.  For example Class Q is for sciences and class P is for Language and communication. These materials are arranged alphabetically on the shelves and you know library materials are voluminous so, a shelve may contain more than one class or subject area.

So the librarians are tasked with the responsibility of preparing a 3/5 cards where an index information of each material on the library shelve are documented. This will serve as a pointer, director or identifier to the specific document on the shelves. The 3/5 cards are filled or arranged in the catalogue-box using author entry, title entry and subject entry. The catalogue-boxes are located at the circulation unit of the library.

  The unit to be consulted in an attempt to source information in the library is circulation unit where we have the catalogue-box that contain the index information that will guide or point to the specific shelve where we can locate the needed document.

 we can identify the needed and relevant publication by consulting the card catalogue and using search strategies: Authors search, Title search and Subject search.  We then copy the information on it which includes the shelf Reference or class-mark to trace the publication on the shelves.

 The shelved publication in the library can be located with the index information that was copied from the catalogue-card. That is the shelve reference or classification marks on the material.
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