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Animal Activist Speaks on why people are cruel- solution to end human brutality


The reason why people are cruel is because they don't have passion for things created by God. Today the main things that people have difficult understanding about is why nice people such as their uncles and aunties and social friends do bad things specially hurting their fellow human being. It is useful for all of us to take time every so often to think about this issue. 

Some people seem to take sadistic pleasure for being cruel but these are in the minority. We believe that most people are cruel but these are in the minority. We believe that most people are cruel through ignorance or they are so detached from their fellow creatures.

We all need to accept that people who are cruel are capable of contributing negatively to the society. Once we feel comfortable accepting this, we should consider possible solution to end this menance. We will also be in a much stronger position to actually do something about it.

Most of the things we do and the attitudes we have towards others are based on the belief pattern which we have in our minds. These act as moral codes, or lists of do's and dont which we follow as he live our lives. We begin to form these belief pattern in our early childhood and then we adapt and add to them throughout our lives.

Let me say here that animal cruelty is not simply a total solution to end human brutality but it could reduce it to a minimal. It is confirmed that every Nigerian is an animal eater. In many parts of india , it is considered completed and unacceptable to eat cows.

In one of the countries, few years ago, two pigs escaped a slaughter house and were on the run for several days. There was a lot of media interest in this story, in fact the pigs were given so many names by the press. Once the pigs had been caught, public pressure was so strong that instead of being slaughtered, there were taken to an animal shelter.

No doubt some of the millions of people who followed this story stopped eating meat as a result, but the vast majority of people continued to eat meats.

We all need to regularly examine the social pressure which can people to do cruel things and to resist change .one understand this socialisation process more clearly. We are in a stronger position to fight it.
We are in a part of history. His much we help to change many course of history is up to us to decide. We need to challenge many of the strongest yet most subtle ideologies which influence peoples behaviour.

This is not an easy task and you should not expect amazing overnight victories, but slowly the humane message is getting through and you can help it to gather pace.. All beings tremble before violence . all fear death. All love life. See yourself in others. Then whom can you hurt? What harm do you do? What goes around comes around. You get back. What you give out.

It is widely believed that if you commit acts of cruelty or dishonesty , the universal law of recompense will see to it that you are shown the error of your ways, because the ultimate evolutionary pinnacle which are all slowly moving towards is of universal love and harmony.


Animal Security in Nigeria

For many, the word animal safety does not ring a bell to their hearing but it send a cold sensation to anyone who has feeling that animal abuse is wrong.
Today humane global concept an NGO designed specifically for ages 5-19yrs is there to enlightened kids about what animal security is all about. . Every animals need to be secured even our domestic animals because most of them can be easily be replaced by their owners.
Humane global network recognizes that in today’s society especially in Nigeria, it takes a sensational story or event to grab people interest on animal security. Through our NGO, many people now know especially kids in Africa that animals suffer a lot on factory farms, in laboratory and in the wild, before people will change their lifestyle; they need an impetus to do.
For me and my team, we have decided to promote animal safety across the globe. You will agree with me today that in Nigeria 90 out of 100 are animal eaters if not 98. We have discovered that animal are kept in deplorable conditions, dragging themselves though their own waste, kept outside without shelter, left to suffer horrible from untreated wounds, hunger, ear infections, etc. the movement for animal security in Nigeria should be attended to because they also ave feelings and emotions and deserve to be secured.
Let me quickly ask these questions. Are animals like furniture that we often don’t notice? What must it be like for the dogs’ chain instead of being allowed to stop and sniff? Such situation could be likened to birds going mad in their cages or the rabbit in their cages. This is indeed very bad. Humane global concept works to educate the children and the publics on animal security. We combine our evidence from research and how animal suffering or brutality can be ended. We work alongside with other international groups to make campaign against animal suffering.
In Nigeria, as the humane global network ponders on security of the animals, we urge people to ensure that they are animal friendly and stop being cruel to animals. The only solution to the problem of insecurity is to pay more attention to animal security and ensuring a free animal safety. We have discovered that every year, hundreds of thousands of animals are used for scientific experiments, cleaning products and cosmetics.
Let us think safety don’t expose the animals to danger. The security of animal is a collective responsibility.
  1. Our government, organization and the media should create awareness on the need for animal safety.
  2. Cruelty to animals, animal sufferings should not be accepted.
  3. Cruel activities, such as bull fighting, circus, animal acts, horse racing and dogs racing and hunting should not be glorified.
  4. Wild animals should not be filmed in a n environment that perpetuates the idea that t is acceptable to keep them in cages.
Chiemeka Chiedozie, the Project Director HUMANE GLOBAL network in Nigeria and Africa is passionate about animals and through his non-governmental organization, he promotes animal welfare in Africa specifically for children below the ages of 19 years – His mission is impact knowledge on the children to have relevant information about animal kingdom and how to care for them.
Chiedozie has been “to over 200 primary and secondary schools to educate young people about animal kingdom. I showed them documentary and take them to zoos to see animal. I also educate the children to have good relationship with animals so that they won’t develop the passion of killing them.”
He explained further that an average Nigerian doesn’t have passion for an animal, all they know is how to kill animals and this is a project to educate them; “I said to myself that this destructive attitude must be stopped because every Nigerian is an animal killer.”
According to Chiedozie, the project is first of its kind in Africa, “Nobody has done this in Africa, I just took the challenge upon myself to start the project.”
On how he gets the project funded, Chiedozie who has traveled to different countries including Ghana  where he addressed hundreds of persons on animal rights, receives only material donations from United Kingdom and United State of America to run the project.
“I have done animal conferences and exhibitions which had over 300 people attended. I finance it myself and also task people to donate to the project. Finance is the major challenge rocking the project,” he explained.
He wants the government at all levels to partner with the Non-Governmental Organization to be able to fund the project as part of the support. He has also gotten support from a non-government organization, People for Ethical Treatment of Animal (PETA), in United Kingdom.
Chiedozie who had been featured in Animal Times Magazine in United Kingdom had just been made world animal ambassador for Nigeria.
He wants Nigerians to care for animals “animals have feelings and emotions just as people have because they can’t talk people take advantage of them, if every Nigerian has feelings for animals, people will not be killing their neighbours and families for rituals,” he advised.
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