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Ibrahim Idris Misau attacks Police boss on live TV

Police IG, Ibrahim Idris

It’s no longer news that Senator Isah Misau and the inspector general of Police, Ibrahim Idris are not the best of friends at the moment.

It all started when Misau accused the Police boss of illegally pocketing N10 billion which should have gone to government coffers on a monthly basis.
Police spokesman, Jimoh Moshood immediately dismissed the allegation.
That's not all.
Moshood accused Misau of deserting the Force for politics, forging his retirement letter and so on.
Senator Misau was a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DPS) before he retired and found his way to the Senate where he currently represents Bauchi Central Senatorial District.
Jimoh Moshood, Police Public Relations Officer play Jimoh Moshood, Police Public Relations Officer
(ICIR Nigeria)

Since then, it has been more accusations and counter accusations.
The latest was on the floor of the Senate on Wednesday, October 4, 2015.
For those who do not know, Senate plenary is usually aired live on Nigeria owned television station, the NTA, every Wednesday.
Wait a minute.
Did Misau deliberately choose Wednesday to throw shade at the Police IG?
Coincidence, maybe.
Senator Isah Misau play Senator Isah Misau

The lawmaker wasted no time in bringing up the issue as a matter which bothered on his privileges as a serving Senator.

Here is everything Misau said about IGP, Ibrahim Idris.
1. Evans’ arrest is not an achievement
Remember the ‘billionaire kidnapper’, Evans?
Yeah, same Evans.
Kidnap kingpin, Evans being led by the police  Kidnap kingpin, Evans being led by the police
(Information NG)

Senator Misau says the Police IG should stop celebrating Evans' arrest as his achievement.
The lawmaker believes anyone could have arrested Evans.
“Sometimes I laugh when I see the IG celebrating that he has arrested Evans,” Misau said.
“Evans was operating in Lagos openly until when he kidnapped somebody who jumped into somebody's house and they went to report.
“This is an achievement of IG? This cannot be achievement of the IG. Even an ordinary person can do that,” he added.
2. The IGP is dating two female cops!
Senator Misau accused the inspector general of Police of having sexual relations with two female officers.
The lawmaker gave their names as Amina and DSP Esther.
“The IG is openly having two relationships with police women which he gave special promotion. One of them is Amina and one of them is DSP Esther,” Misau announced.
3. The IGP impregnated one and married her secretly
According to Senator Misau, IGP Idris impregnated one of the female officers, DSP Esther, who he secretly tied the knot with on September 15, 2017.
“The IGP impregnated DSP Esther which the IG on 15th of last month got married to that woman DSP.
“He quickly did a secret wedding in Kaduna because the lady is four months pregnant. I am saying this because of the institution. I am supposed to be a stakeholder in that institution. It is the institution that brought me here which I'm proud of. 
“There are serving police officers who now demoralized because of the activities of the office of the IGP,” the lawmaker said.
4. The IGP of broke Police rules
Senator Misau accused IGP Idris of breaking the Police service rules by marrying a serving officer.
"Under police act and regulations, you cannot marry as serving woman police unless that woman retire," Misau said.
5. Promotions and appointments under Idris are not based on merit
According to Misau, the Police boss appoints and grants special promotions to ‘his boys’.
“Mr President, even when it comes to appointment, the IG decided to have his own boys who are just assistant commissioner of police. He will give them special promotion. He will give them deputy commissioner of police. They won't spend three months or six months he will just give them acting commissioners of police,” the lawmaker said angrily.
The Senate resolved to set up an eight-man committee to investigate the allegation of corruption levelled against the Police boss by Senator Misau.
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