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D'banj thinks media is worsening Peter and Paul's beef

D'banj has aired his own view over the Psquare feud.

He claims that the media is making issues worse by writing negative stories about them.

D'banj's mum played a huge role in him settling down play D'banj

The singer in a recent interview with the NET, said the brothers who currently cannot stand each other, should be left alone to settle their issues.
"The media should sit back and let them settle their issues amicably. They’ re making it worse by writing all sorts of stories about them. Brothers will always fight and get back as brothers, but the media should not write negative stories in a bid to make money off the headlines," he said.
D'banj play D'banj

The former Mo'  Hits star was quick to use himself as a reference point, claiming that during his exit from the label, the media coverage was an act of victimization.
"Remember I almost became a victim of the media back then when I left Mo' Hits, but I thank my stars that I pulled through and I am still here," he says.

The escalation of the feud between the Okoye brothers was entirely as a result of their social media rants, which got everyone talking because it felt strange for people to see these stars wash their dirty linen in the public.
Even the latest of their rants came from their social media pages, an incident where Paul wrote on his Twitter page  "Pls guys stop tagging me in any beer parlor or restaurants appearance in America.... am in Nigeria," obviously shading his brother who at that time was in the United States for a show.

Peter in his own wisdom took to his Instagram page to reply his brother

"Pls enough of the shades my brother I have moved on. I have even called my self an up coming artiste. You are the song write and the voice of Psquare, the every every! No wahala pls allow me to have my peace showcase my self to the world and Enjoy with my family. And I am expecting you to do the same. It is not a competition and it is not healthy. My brother I have moved on. I am very sure we will definitely do songs again in future and I wish you all the best bro. Nothing but love God bless Psquare and the great Fans, God bless Mr P and God bless Rudeboy. #Peace," he said.
This is coming a few weeks after Peter Okoye had sent a letter of termination to their lawyer demanding for the dissolution of the group.
Psquare, before everything went bad  Psquare, before everything went bad
(Instagram )

According to Peter in his letter, he fears for his life and that of his family, claiming that Paul has been threatening his wife and family.
He also said that he tried to resolve things with his brothers just to please the fans last year. The brothers agreed to release a video each to apologize to their fans which he did but Paul and Jude refused, thereby making him look like the bad guy in the eye of the public.
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