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'Buhari, give me back my fuel; I no do again' - Lady who campaigned for PMB

ChiefLadyHur is begging Nigerians over her support for Buhari

A Nigerian lady who defied all odds and led a powerful campaign team for President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 has begged Nigerians to forgive following a series of failed promises by the ruling All Progressives Congress [APC] government.

The Calabar, Cross River State-based lady with the Twitter handle @ChiefLadyHur, took to her handle to send the unreserved apology to Nigerians, especially the people living in Calabar after her group had blocked major roads in the city, causing serious disruption in commercial activities during their campaign run.

ChiefLadyHur who said she was one of Buhari's staunchest supporters and went out of her way to campaigned for him, added that she burnt a lot of fuel riding on her power bike around the city because she bought into his Change mantra but has been seriously disappointed that after two years in the saddle, Nigerians have yet to see any of the changes he promised.
Regretting her earlier stance, the angry lady said that all she wants now is for Nigerians to forgive her and for the fuel she burnt that day to be returned to her.
Read what she tweeted:
"Throwback to when I used my bike to campaign for buhari.. preaching change.. God forgive me. Nigerians, please forgive me too.
I just remembered I didn't eat that day... Was in Calabar. My feet were swollen. God, see o. If only they knew how committed we were to see that they win and give us change...
I just want my fuel back. I didn't say I voted o... Na campaign I do o. Nigerians, I am sorry."
This would not be the first time some die-hard supporters of President Buhari and the APC would turn back on him because he has failed to fulfill his campaign promises.

A few months ago, Hashim Suleyman, the man who trekked from Lagos to Abuja after Buhari won the presidential election in 2015, came out to say he regretted putting himself into the stress following a series of failed promises by this government.
'Buhari, give me back my fuel; I no do again' - Lady who campaigned for PMB 'Buhari, give me back my fuel; I no do again' - Lady who campaigned for PMB Reviewed by opeyemi on 10:03:00 am Rating: 5