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St. FINBARR'S College

St. Finbarr's College - Rev. Father D.J. Slattery came to Nigeria in 1939. He initially served in a parish in the Yoruba Inland Town in the Old Western Region, posted to St. Gregory's College, Obalende as a teacher and eventually became the Games Master for the school. He also became the editor of the Catholic Herald in Mushin where the idea of establishing a unique school occurred to him. His school became the first bilateral school in the country, combining full Grammar (called Basic) with Arts and Technical subjects. In the 1955/56 academic year, with six students, fondly referred to as "the first six" , a new school, but without a name, was born.

The new school had no address and had to be accommodated in the newly built St. Paul's Catholic Primary School, Apapa Road. The next task was to look for a site for the new school. Rev. Father D. J. Slattery, after an eleven-month search, which took him through the then jungles of Apapa, and now the present National Stadium, eventually got to another jungle in Akoka where he met a man who knew him but he did not know the man. The friendly disposition of the man made it easy for him to acquire a twenty-plot piece of land in the present site of the school. In 1959, the school moved from Apapa Road to its present site in Akoka, and in 1963, the school was officially opened by Dr. Nnandi Azikiwe, the first President of Nigeria, who was a dear friend of Fr. Slattery.

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