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CAN Double Standard

CAN's double standards

By Frank Ofili

Only when a northerner is in power in Nigeria that is when you hear mundane things like "northernization" and "Islamization"

Obasanjo, a Christian, was in power for 8 years and we didn't hear northerners cry "yorubanization", "christainization" or "southernization".

Jonathan, another Christian, was in power for 6 years and we didn't hear "ijawnization", "christianization" or "southernization"

It beats me that even some highly educated and enlightened people from the south mouth this kind of hubris.

How can somebody come from Sokoto to Illah to northernize or islamize me? How is that going to happen?

Even Christianity which has been trying since 19 kilidim to impose itself on us all has not fully succeeded. Village deities still exist everywhere. Native doctors, oracles and priest are still receiving heavy patronage, sometimes from even Christians themselves.

Christian Association of Nigerian (CAN) is crying foul over some Islamic bank giving out loans, but it has not checked to ascertain the beneficiaries of the loans, for what purpose and the conditions attached. Most of the beneficiaries are of course business owners who are Christians from the south east.

Many businesses in Nigeria today are owned by Muslims. They employ Christians. Likewise, businesses owned by Christians also employ Muslims. Why hasn't CAN asked Christians not to accept appointment from companies owned by Muslims?

Recently, there was a Christian-Christian massacre at Ozubulu - right in a church, during a church service for that matter - but of course it did not qualify for a statement from CAN. In just one pronouncement Nnamdi Kanu turned IPOB members who were mostly Christians to Jews and we didn't hear a word from CAN.

CAN is gradually turning itself into a nuisance with its hate posturing.

Abeg make una let me hear word joor

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