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Epic comedy- Papa Ajasco and company

Papa Ajasco

The widely watched Papa Ajasco and company, which was also known as the Ajasco family is one of Nigeria’s most popular sitcom till date.

Papa Ajasco and company started airing and distributed in 1996 by Wale Adenuga Productions. It is a spin-off of the 1983 movie of the same name.
Undoubtedly, if you grew up in a typical Nigerian home, then you have definitely watched and laughed at the daily antics of Papa Ajasco, Mama Ajasco, Bobo Ajasco, Boy Alinco, Miss Pepeiye, Pa jimoh and the funniest of them all-- Pa James.
This sitcom was watched weekly across twenty stations in Nigeria and about 11 in other countries which include: Tanzania, Uganda, Guinea, and Kenya.
According to Wale Adenuga, the beloved character Papa Ajasco was inspired by the lead character in 'Ikebe super'.
Although it was a comedy show, it never failed to point the major issues that affect our society, and of course in a comical point of view.
Boy Alinco  Boy Alinco
(Naija loyal)

Papa Ajasco is arguably Nigeria's most watched series. The show had sort of a cult like following as millions of Nigerian homes tuned in each week just to watch their favorite characters.
Papa Ajasco and company literarily made the childhood of most 90’s kids in Nigeria. You obviously remember the catchphrase ‘Ojigbijigbijigbijigbi...’, the naughtiness of Pa James, and the materialistic nature of Miss Pepeiye.
And of course, we cannot forget the one step backward and two step forward movement of Boy Alinco. 
As a matter of fact, it can be said that this classic comedy pointed out the folly of people and at the same time making them laugh at themselves.              
This show won series of awards. In Ghana, it won the best comedy on television and the Kwame Nkrumah leadership award in Accra.
It also won the National Institute of marketing's "Best Marketed TV Comedy" in 2005. It won NTA Awards for 'Best Entertainment 'Programme' in 2002.
Pa James play Pa James

And TV program of the year in 2008 presented by the City People Awards for Excellence.

Who are the characters of Papa Ajasco and company?

1. Papa Ajasco is the husband of Mama Ajasco and the father of Bobo Ajasco. He is very promiscuous and often hits his bald head when he can’t handle a situation, especially when he is caught cheating.
2. Pa James is an elderly man who ironically, is known for his lack of wisdom and usually expresses himself in unintelligent ways.
3. Boy Alinco is hopelessly in love with himself and feels he is God's gift to women. He is very relentless in his pursuit of women especially Miss Pepeiye and has a signature walking (one step backward and two step forward).
He is also known for his tight trousers, suspenders and his very peculiar glasses.
4. Miss Pepeiye is a very materialistic woman. She is also a teacher at Bobo Ajasco's school.
5. Bobo Ajasco is the son of Papa and Mama Ajasco. He had a signature cap which had a long pointed brim and the letter 'A' on it.
6. Mama Ajasco is the wife of Papa Ajasco.
Papa Ajasco play Papa Ajasco
(Love wedding)

There is, however, good news for all you loyal fans of the popular sitcom. Papa Ajasco is returning to TV with as Papa Ajasco reloaded.
As part of an ongoing promotional activity, Wale Adenuga Productions has released some behind-the-scenes pictures and videos in order to prepare fans for the soon coming show.
Their goal is to make this remake bigger and better, to make a good show greater.
This reloaded version, like the original sitcom, will revolve around the Ajasco family and their shenanigans, while still shedding light on societal issues in their own special way.
It will still feature your favorite character although they will be played by new people. The first season of Papa Ajasco reloaded will have several guest stars including Frank Donga, Ese Eriata, Jide Awobona, Eniola Badmus, Eric Obinna, Mama Kwube, Chief Olododo and much more.
According to Lekan Ayinde, the manager of Wale Adenuga Productions, the new series is a redefinition of the program to further its relevance to the current trend.
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