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Why Travel to Ethiopia Teaches more than a History

Truly Ethiopia is an exceptional destination from the never ending warmth sun to affordable explorations it’s the ultimate exciting destination that will linger in your memories for years. In Ethiopia it’s hard to decide which destination to go as the sights are many and enlightening and breath-taking making picking a destination very challenging.

Ethiopia is home to stunning destinations including parks full of endemic wild animals sky Rise Mountains, rivers, lakes, hot spring water falls, beaches, rock hewn obelisks and churches. What you see in Ethiopia will not only exceed your expectations but also inspire you with great culture and history that remained to pass to generations. Climbing to Ethiopia’s green and full of life Mountains is truly rewarding. The excitement, the fresh air and viewing the destination from the top of the mountain is absolutely an everlasting experience. Do not worry if you want to stay up in the mountain enjoying the view and the clean air as it's possible and adventures to camp. Pitch a tent at the green mountains to take the glamorous and unbeatable surrounding view. The crystal clear beaches offer an exceptional outdoor adventure allowing you to view serious natural extravaganza.
Truly nothing feels more refreshing than sitting on top of the greenery Mountains and to soak in the healing naturally spring waterfalls and beaches around the country. Surrounded by blooming gardens and admirable views, unforgettable exploration is one of the typical Ethiopian experiences. All of the ancient churches and all inclusive museums do remain open until late night allowing you to witness the beautiful night view of the places. In fact, visiting these places at dusk can be a very rewarding and peaceful time to explore the sight avoiding the crowds.
Ethiopia is also full of ancient museums featuring ancient royal belonging and state of the art ancient crafts, authentic pieces of handmade paintings, clothing’s, precious stones and books written on a sheep skin. Undoubtedly, the time in Ethiopia will be the all-time favorite exploration to Africa. The history, the culture and hospitality gets you off the common taking you on extraordinary adventure.
The parks and wildlife view is not to be missed. At the forests you can watch exotic creatures up-close roaming around the forests doing their daily routine of food hunt and sunbathing after meal. The forests are full of life showcasing nature’s peculiarities. Be sure to pull off this naturally preserved parks to see lions, elephants, red fox, zebras and countless birds who fly above you singing adding glamour to your adventures in the ever green forests.

By Eden Sahle. She can be reached at eden.sahle@jumia.com
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