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Ten Tips to be a Great Budget Traveller

Ever thought travel is only for the white collars, think again as you do not necessarily need to have a lot of money to travel; says Jumia Travel trip advisors. With skilfully crafted ten simple tips, it’s possible to travel and visit your dream places in Africa and in the rest of the world.

1. Plan in advance
Although there is a general thinking that prices of airline tickets, hotels, and travel packages go down the longer we wait but all it takes is to pick out your destinations early and start looking the deals long before your time of travel for less cost.

2. Plan to Travel on off Peak Seasons
Peak seasons are a tough times to pick when you are on a budget conscious travel rather pick off peak seasons where everything from plane ticket, accommodation prices to food gets down. This will enable you to heavily cut down cost and save big.

3. Pack Simply and Smart
Some airline companies charge extra for a check in luggage while the majority allowed first luggage to check in freely hence pack only what you absolutely need and cannot leave without so that you do not exceed the free limit. This not only saves you cash but so much burden carrying your luggage around during your travel. Pack simple and smart so that your belongings do not come a cumbersome especially if you are shopping to come back with some items from your travel destination.

4. Look for free places to visit
Mostly destinations come with price tags that will add more expense on your travel.  Research on locations that has no price tag. Usually, parks come as a free alternative and it's best pick as it often offers scenery and fresh air. Look also for museums as they usually are free or charge small amount.

5. Subscribe travel news letters
Be a regular and visit travel website and subscribe for an informative newsletter. The travel companies’ affordable deals will be coming right to your email as soon as they become announced. This will save you time, cash and give you the option to compare prices enabling you to pick the best price.

6.  Avoid dining out at expensive places
Lavish restaurants are great and fun, but can easily add an extra cost. Instead, have your meals at less pricy places or cook a nice meal if you have access in your hotel or guest house. Rely on easily prepared meals such as fruits and sandwiches as you can easily make them yourself at your hotel room. During choosing accommodation pick the one which has breakfast as complimentary and for lunch pack a sandwich in your bag. Doing so not only saves you expense but also your time stopping at restaurants.  

7. Travel in a Group
Traveling in a group will not only keep you safe but it will also help you slash on prices. It is helpful to be sociable and meet fellow travellers on the flights, at your hotels or on the road. Travellers are always willing to share start the conversation and reduce your expense.   

8. Opt for walking and void renting a car
Walking is good for your health and economy hence hit the road it also offers the best opportunity to explore destinations up close. Buses and trains are the best ways to reduce transportation cost when you try to get around a destination being the cheapest selection if you do not enjoy walking long distance.

9. Carry your water flask
Buying purified waters all day long can quickly drain your wallet hence travel with your water flask and take tap water from your hotel so that you can freely sip to it while you explore destinations.

10. Control your purchase of souvenirs
Don’t go overboard on souvenirs and instead, buy something not expensive such as a postcard or just take your own photos to remember by your travel.
By Eden Sahle. She can be reached at eden.sahle@jumia.com
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