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Take exploration to the next level in Ethiopian Lavish Lodges

At this vacation and summer season, it's best to put travel as a priority and pick the best priced lavish lodges around Ethiopia. To save you time and money Jumia Travel round up all the great lodges in Ethiopia to highlight best must visit stunning lodges of the country.

Most of the lodges are loaded with so much luxury and adventure usually found near to the lakes making your stay beyond relaxing. Discover the finest the glamorous suites which are equipped with luxury and comfort including a perfect lake view, Jacuzzi, cosy king beds with free drinks and fruits that comes with the room as complementary. The lodges offer you the ultimate luxury without breaking the bank. Do not miss out on this accommodations and charming experiences. Whether you are traveling with your spouse or with your family there is a lot of fun and quite adventures experiences. From the hospitable room services, luxuries architectures, gardens, natural hot spring water saunas, there are a lot of adventures to experience inside the lodges that will exceed your expectations. The full of several flowers gardens and grasses on the massive fields of the lodges and the singing birds are a joy to walk up to every morning.

Head to Paradise Lodge, Simien Lodge, Manuhie Backpacker, Abay Minch, Blue Nile, Agar, Liesak Resort, Salayish Lodge and Park, Asham Africa Hotel and Resort and Kuriftu for the unforgettable treasured time. The magnificent vibe will keep you entertained while you keep on enjoying the endless adventures. Dive deep into this sophisticated   lodges enjoying the cuisines which made it from organic farm to the lodges. The lodges also practice the traditional coffee ceremony to cheer up guests it’s a must attend ceremony. If you just like the international menu and yummy desserts you can find plenty of countries choices at the lodges cooked by the best chiefs. The cultural and modern innovative retreats are committed to supply adventure with the added value of culture and style. Sophisticated architectural gems and furniture’s that resemble the Ethiopian culture and traditions keep your eye busy admiring the details.

Visiting the lodges is like sitting at the centre of an historic estate surrounded by green forest trees, lakes, parks and hills. The lodges are a sanctuary of elegance and tranquillity. Nobody does traditional and modern suites combined to create a unique accommodation place. The extravaganza of service and impressive sceneries are few of the best experiences the lodges offer. The lodges feature charming private guest cottages and suites each furnished with elegant furniture’s. They offer massive amount of luxury with so much bliss awaiting you on board at this hospitable lodges. The exclusive adventure you experience at the pools and cottages will surely take you out of the ordinary taking your lodge stay experience to the pleasant top level.   
Set off from the random and explore the lodges and the breathtaking surrounding destinations. Joy and adventure is imprinted on all corners of the lodges awaiting to spread the adventures keep you excited more than your expectations.

By Eden Sahle. She can be reached at eden.sahle@jumia.com
Take exploration to the next level in Ethiopian Lavish Lodges Take exploration to the next level in Ethiopian Lavish Lodges Reviewed by IFEDAYO AKINWALERE on 4:25:00 am Rating: 5