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Super delicious foods to grab on the Streets of Ethiopia

Unlike most parts of the world, Ethiopia has winter, summer accompanied with moderately warming sun. The season is refreshing with blooming flowers and deep green grasses and forests. It’s also one of the best time to visit Ethiopia with prices coming down particularly of the yummy foods that you can easily grab on the go.  Jumia Travel, the leading pan African online hotel booking company rounds up the streets of Ethiopia to give you the highlight of delicious organic meals you can grab at a low cost off course without compromising on quality and taste. The meals are clean and pleasant to eat they come cheap as the sellers do not have office rent expenses and tax burdens unlike those serving in restaurants.

1. Fresh roasted and boiled corn: the summer season always gets flooded with lots of fresh cooking’s including yetatabese/yetkekele bekolo (fresh roasted and boiled corn) which is abundantly available at the cost of less than three Birr. The sidewalks get unusually busy with the sellers and buyers. It’s a hot fresh, healthy and cheap snack to enjoy from the streets. Grilled corn from a traditional charcoal is the season best picks. Freshly cultivated from the farm to the market it’s a tasty must try snack.

2. Chornake (roasted homemade biscuit) with tea is the next best pick which is available all year long and the best part is it only costs two Birr. It’s one of the most delicious seasoned biscuits which no one will have enough of. Usually served with tea it’s hard to skip this Ethiopian street delicacy. The deep flame coloured biscuit has unbeatable taste enticing all passer-by to grab one along the way. Most also enjoy the biscuit and tea standing and chitchatting legend has it that the town jokes pour from such kind of places where people gather around to enjoy quick meals and fun times talking with strangers.

3. Coffee and Tea: Most locals agree that the coffee and tea made at the side of a street has a special aroma and flavour selling only three Birr. It’s an exciting seen to observe the making of coffee and tea process. Although most do not practice the traditional coffee ceremony the taste is the same offering you a cheaper option with an exact same taste from the Ethiopian coffee and tea organic cultivations. There are also crispy french-fries which are served with traditional seasoning truly they are a must try African style frize.

4. Breakfast, lunch and dinner:  the mouth-watering dishes come with lots of taste and colour and they are served from the oven to the plate. These delightful dishes are very cheap worth every penny you pay to enjoy the delightful meals. A big delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes cost just 15 Birr and the price goes up to 30 Birr for choosing local delicacies such as tibs roasted beef and other meat options. The option to choose from the cooking is plenty from vegetables to meat and drinks. This meal times are also an occasion for most people to socialize while they enjoy their hot meal.
By Eden Sahle she can be reached at eden.sahle@jumia.com
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