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Mouth-watering traditional dishes inspiring travel

A country of delicious and healthy dishes Ethiopia earned the global fame of superfood country not only from injera but also through mouth-watering traditional dishes says Jumia Travel. Apart from the destinations, museums and the clear environment Ethiopian delicacies add so much flavour to an exploration to Ethiopia.

There are many things to taste from yummy spicy stews to colourful breads to traditional soups Ethiopia is a great place to be. The iconic dish of Ethiopia is doro wet that is also a holiday delicacy. The best part of Ethiopia is it managed to attract travellers around the globe though it’s delightful colourful dishes. Indeed, food is an essential part of Ethiopian culture. The country perfected cooking exclusive dishes that you literally will be challenged from trying every delicacy which is also attractive for eye. The ancient country offers you over 80 ethnic group’s dishes which make up its diet for centuries. As Ethiopian food is eaten by hand get your hands clean and treat yourself from the endless tastes and seasonings.

Whether you are having the meals at a restaurant, hotel or at home it’s truly difficult to describe the amazing Ethiopian food. It’s better to enjoy it in person. The traditional colours and flavours of Ethiopian cuisine always create a great mixture of flavour and taste. Usually all the dishes are based on soft stews that can not be found anywhere outside of Ethiopia. Its culinary exciting cooking’s include variety of blended homegrown organic ingredients. From the vegetables, meat, to breads and drinks, it’s one of the few countries in the world which have their own exclusive breakfast, lunch, and dinner far different from the rest of the globe.

The delight of the cuisine is not just in a sophisticated and traditional presentation but also the freshness and the yummy tastes. Truly, Ethiopian dishes are one of a kind that will never be mistaken with any common cooking. The dishes are not only about unique recipes but a lot about culture and tradition teaching the whole world to enjoy meal in a clean hands. The yummy dishes of Ethiopia made it almost everywhere in the world promoting healthy and authentic cuisines. With a huge variety of dining from simple street food to lavish restaurants offering a lot of delightful dishes, Ethiopia has a lot to offer for those who travel for food and adventure.  

Discover the true, delicious food tours and adventure designed to suit even a very seasoned traveler from Africa and all over the world. Jumia Travel pairing with Ethiopia offers you a classic travel opportunity with a specific Ethiopian food focus. This will truly get you under the skin of Ethiopia’s most exciting food cultures and delicacies under the hands of passionate local cooks. The real world experience in Ethiopia is massive accompanied with delicious cuisines. In every variety of thick stew, local drinks, injera and breads the foods will get you munching, crunching, and sipping the traditional super foods and drinks. Undoubtedly, the adventure with the freshest and organic produce will satisfy your food and travel apatite letting you to experience the rare delicious eats.
By Eden Sahle. She can be reached at eden.sahle@jumia.com  
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