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Fabulous Ethiopian destinations you should never skip

Full of natural wealth and ancient treasures made Ethiopia glamorous country enticing even seasoned travelers who has seen most parts of the world. Explore the ancient historical country for an absolute inspiring adventure. The scenery of magnificent Ethiopian destinations are never to be missed. From the rock hewn churches to obelisks to sky rise green mountains, Ethiopia offers endless and unforgettable escapades that certainly fulfils your dream of perfect adventure.

Start with Simian Mountain the gigantic landscape with one of the world’s most stunning sharp mountain peaks, deep valleys and sharp precipices. It’s one of the rare locations in Ethiopia and a must see place to those who love trekking coupled with so much adventure Jumia Travel experts recommend. It’s a UNESCO registered park for its vastly wide range of rare wildlife and vegetation. Several wildlife’s particular to the mountain including Leopard, klipspringer, bushbuck, Jackal and hyena and over 400 species birds inhibit the mountain park creating multiple adventure opportunities for those who love trekking and wildlife view. The massive green landscape also includes long waterfall flowing from the upper part of the mountain gashing to the ground. Hike up to a rewarding trekking journey up in the top of the mountain at 4,550 meters above sea level. Do not just stop there rather head to Ras Dashen Mountain it is the best spot for trekking and wildlife spotting. Explore so much fun and exciting nature extravaganzas that will stay in your mind for a lifetime. Climb up at the green massive Mountain to admire the wild animals including gelada baboon, walia ibex and Ethiopian wolf. The mountain sanctuary is full of birds and butterflies who add exceptional colour and beauty to the place.
Don't even think about giving your neck a rest for a second, the spectacular destinations are endless and breathtaking. Ethiopia is famous for its historical sanctuaries, temples, palaces and stunning natural creations. Step into this paradise a natural extravaganza where you witness the country’s rare and breath-taking destinations. From palaces to obelisks and rock hewn churches, it has an amazing ancient architecture. The famous rock hewn Lalibela churches are a significant place of pilgrimage and pride being the Ethiopian iconic structures. The UNESCO registered global heritage is the most outstanding design ever built in the country. It has eleven monolithic and semi-monolithic structures that were built by carving a single huge rock eight centuries before without adding any external building materials like bricks and cement. Nearby there is a spectacular palace Fasilides built in the 17th century. Lying in massive 70,000 square meter green landscape the UNESCO World Heritage castle contains eight properties home for the royals including a temple where they used to worship in their royal congregation.
Do not just stop, there is a lot more to discover in Aksum. The strong standing obelisks were erected back in the 4th century. The enormous monuments made from a single piece of granite of smooth gray stone stand as high as 82 feet. Another 108 feet long Aksum obelisk lies shattered across the ground allowing a close up view of the magnificent rock formation. If it were still standing it would have been the tallest obelisk in the world. The obelisks resemble buildings with intricately carved cross-shaped windows, and rows of long ends dividing each story artistically.

Do not miss out on Ethiopia’s extreme locations as it takes adventure to the next level. Erta Ale one of the five global extreme wonders with active bubbling volcano lies at the North-eastern part of Ethiopia famously known as Afar Regional State. It existed since the beginning of the 20th century. The stunner fire sea floor bubblies 2,011-feet with a fire shore. The fire mountain is known as “the gateway to hell” due to the active fire floor. It’s the most amazing natural feature. Although there is active volcano bubbling to the top it’s perfectly safe to visit and even take a closer look to the fire lake. The golden sparkling molten rock has an awe-inspiring view especially during the nights. The flow of lava from deep in the ground creating a river of liquid fire is truly an matchless view.
Finally head to the lakes to have an inspiring lake adventure. Sock up to the lakes swimming or cruise to the middle of the lakes enjoying the surrounding view. Escape to the refreshing lakes where you will have an unforgettable experience. Discover the stunning paradise at the crystal clear full of marine life lakes. Lake Tana, Bishoftu, Lake Hora Kiloli, kuriftu, Hora, Langano, Lake Shala, Abyata are the major lakes where you can have an uncommon adventure. Lie-down at the brown sands enjoying and counting down your Ethiopian adventure.
By Eden Sahle. She can be reached at eden.sahle@jumia.com
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