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Best of hiking delights of East Africa

Going to places and hiking at green lands of Africa is a magnificent outdoor experience. Exploring the culture, nature and the green sky Rise Mountains offer much more than just a refreshing adventurous experience. Get outdoors away from the common and climb to the beautiful green mountains.  

From the never ending refreshing clean air to full of vegetation mountains, Ethiopia truly spoils and stuns even to very seasoned travelers. Ethiopia is not short of anything the trekking adventure will take you to a new level of adventure Jumia Travel exploration reveals. Take your exploration to a new height on your way of the magnificent trekking it’s common to spot wild animals at the mountain parks. Create a memory that will last a lifetime.   
If you are after unique adventure time, trying to create a memory that will last for life time, then here is Ethiopia’s best offers that standout all your adventure expectations. On the way up to the ever green refreshing mountains you will spot giraffes, Cape buffalos, lions, giant elephants and leopards. The parks are truly a wildlife sanctuary with so much wild animals to watch up close including white-cliff chat, banded-barbet, wattled ibis, black-headed forest Oriole and thick billed Raven, Bushpig, antelope, monkeys and forest hog.   
For hikers, it’s inevitable to absolutely fall in love with the mountains. From the challenging and rewarding climbing at one of the continent’s tallest green mountains including that of Semien Mountain which rival the Colorado’s Grand Canyon. The mountain offers daring and enormously rewarding trekking routes which are not short of anything finest. The mountain famously known as the roof of Africa rests at the crossing of ancient trade routes which came into existence between the 18th and 19th century. The mountain has created one of the world’s most stunning sharp mountain peaks, deep valleys and sharp cliffs. It’s one of the exceptional locations in East Africa and a must see place to those who love trekking coupled with wildlife view.
This UNESCO registered stunning Semien Mountain is enormously rich in a wide range of rare wildlife and vegetation. Several wildlife’s particular to the mountain including Leopard, klipspringer, bushbuck, Jackal and hyena and over 400 species birds inhibit the mountain park creating breathtaking adventure time. The glories mountain also encompasses long waterfall which is not only picture-perfect but also breath-taking to watch the gashing powerful waterfall to hit the ground.  
It’s very exciting that there are so many hiking options, do not miss out on Ras Dashen Mountain. Ras Dashen not only offers absolute clear air but also a magnificent view to the surrounding amazing natures creations. It’s the highest mountain within the country and the tenth highest mountain in Africa. Climbing the green mountain and reaching the snow top is a rewarding feeling. There is also a lot of opportunities to spot wild animals including gelada baboon, walia ibex and Ethiopian wolf. While climbing up the colorful birds and butterflies fly around encouraging you to go forward. Enjoy a picnic lunch having the birds sing for you as you dine out on the warm sun.
By Eden Sahle. She can be reached at eden.sahle@jumia.com
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