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'Badoo gang sells blood-stained handkerchiefs for N500K' - Police source

Reports have emerged that members of the deadly Badoo Cult gang sell blood and brain-stained handkerchiefs gotten from their victims at whopping N500,000 to highly placed Nigerians and top politicians who use them for money rituals.

This much was revealed by a police source who said one of the suspected gang members arrested over the weekend during a raid in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State confessed to their activities.
Recall that the gang has this ingenious way of killing their victims where they use grinding stones to hit them on the head and use handkerchiefs to wipe away the blood and brain membrane before disappearing into thin air.

The police source explained what one of the suspects said thus:
“The suspect who has confessed to being a member of the gang, say they sell one handkerchief containing the blood and brain of their victims for N500,000 to highly placed Nigerians."
The officer added that on further interrogation, the suspect confessed that their customers place so much demands on them that they had to meet up with the demands by all means because they pay up immediately they deliver.
He added that the suspect said many members of the gang are spread all over Lagos waiting for an opportune time to strike. 
"The police is now investigating the veracity of that information and we have engaged in joint operations with the Rapid Response Squad (RRS), Department of State Services (DSS), Lagos State Task Force, the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) and local vigilance groups to raid the dreaded group’s black spots at Igbobo/Bayeku, Ibeshe, Ijede and Imota at the weekend," the police source added.

In the raid that took place on Saturday, July 1, 2017, the police arrested over 100 suspects and are currently undergoing interrogation and screening to determine their level of complicity in the dreaded gang while any found to be innocent would be released immediately.
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