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Absolute life changing experience of visiting Ethiopia

Center of East Africa, the glamorous Ethiopia has more than over 80 ethnicities with their own specific unique culture and way of life. It’s a place of exclusivity from the culture to the history and to the exceptional hospitality it’s a life changing experience to come to Ethiopia and explore this ancient country which stayed true to its culture Jumia Travel observed. Truly, Ethiopia has a lot of life changing experiences so much so that they will stay in your memory for a lifetime. The time in Ethiopia is all about discovering new things and exploration taking your travel experience to the next all level of maturity.    
1. If you believe that you have seen the most respectful people on the planet without being to Ethiopia, think again as the country has a unique kind of respect and gratitude to any stranger. It’s a place where human dignity has the upper most importance. It’s customary in every Ethiopian household to treat guests as kings and to stand as they enter into the room as a sign of respect. Yes you may not know people as a visitor but it's super easy to make loyal friends in Ethiopia as the people are sociable and hospitable.
2. It is no joke to say everything is unique in Ethiopia: You do not need to have it all to be content with your life and Ethiopians have a unique way of showing it. You may not find Ethiopia on the list of happy people on the earth but you will observe that when you come to the country. It’s a nation of family and friendship believing that it’s not the things you have rather the people in your life who makes you value life and enjoy it to the fullest. From the blue collars to the white collars people are content and they smile a lot despite their wallet size and daily hustles; every Ethiopian goes on to life unstoppable and having something to be grateful about. Isn’t that what psychologist preach come and experience what they are talking about in Ethiopia.

3. Exclusive to Ethiopia, Meskel is a glorious religious annual colourful celebration held for more than 1600 years. The celebration follows Enkutatash which directly translated to "jewel to your finger" which marks the Ethiopian New Year based on the Coptic calendar of Julian calculation which created eight-year gap between Ethiopian calendar and that of the world which follows the Gregorian calendar. Meskel marks the brightest sunny weather and celebrated in 27th of September incorporating worship, feasting and lighting a massive bonfire in the presence of thousands of people. Do not miss out on the evening fabulous eve ceremony Demera (bonfires) topped by daisies and crosses. It’s a must see enlightening event.

4. Probably you have never heard enough about this ancient country, which has incredible sights. Ever wished to be in a place which does not seem from this world; well Ethiopia has few for you. Erta Ale, one of the world’s active fire lake goes 125 meters below sea level, creating a fire lake. The molten rock of lava bubbles up to the surface making you feel as though completely on another planet. You are truly standing on the biggest geographical feature of East Africa which is predicted to create an ocean in a century. It takes you out of the common allowing you to experience hard to believe natural creations.

5. If you have been struggling to make healthy choices, Ethiopia should be your best pick: The country has yummy culinary varieties, blended with indigenous ingredients that create a wide range of mouth-watering healthy and organic cuisines. The dishes consist of vegetables, chicken, fish, injera and meat served in a form of thick spicy stew. It has its own unique breakfast, lunch and dinner specialties letting you to pick from the countless healthy choices. The meals do not just keep the weights off and make you healthy but they are delicious allowing you to enjoy meals without control of portion as you can never go wrong with Ethiopian meals.
By Eden Sahle she can be reached at eden.sahle@jumia.com

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