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President reportedly rejects files brought to him in London, warns aides not to undermine Osinbajo

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President Muhammadu Buhari has reportedly frowned against some government officials, including Ministers who are said to be undermining the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo.

According to The Nation, some of the officials sneaked to London, United Kingdom, where Buhari is undergoing medical treatment, with files for the President to sign.
But President rejected the files, ordering them to take all documents and issues to Osinbajo, authoritative government sources were quoted as saying.
Buhari was also said to have refused to grant audience to ministers and some presidential aides who wanted to see him.
Contrary to social media reports, the President was said to have met with his wife, Aisha, during her recent trip to London.
It was learnt that one of the officials who attempted to see Buhari in London returned to Abuja on Wednesday, June 14, a few hours to the signing of the 2017 Budget by Osinbajo.
"Despite the fact that he is fast recuperating, the President has tried as much as possible to stick to one presidency," The Nation quoted a top source as saying.
"He has refused to see some government officials who went to London to see him instead of being at their desks to work. He also returned all files and documents to those who brought them to London.
"The President gave stern instructions that all files, documents and issues needing decisions should be taken to the Acting President. He does not want a divided government. Buhari is living up to his Spartan discipline.
"He has restricted audience to two or three personal aides with him in London. This is why there are no leaks associated with his first medical trip this time around."
The source added: "Those involved in taking files and documents to London had their ego deflated. Since their return from the various shuttles, they have been trying to curry the favour of the Acting President or cooperate with him. They did not know that intelligence report had exposed their antics.
"And the truth is that the President has been speaking with the Acting President."

On the reports that the First Lady, Aisha Buhari was not allowed to see her husband when she traveled to London, the source said, "As a matter of fact, the First Lady, met with the President without any encumbrances.
"Any story to the contrary is false. There is enough evidence to prove that she met with her husband. No one prevented her.
"Some people came out with the rumour because the President has limited contact with them this time around because of leaks during his last trip.
"Some of those who visited the President during the initial shuttle for medical care turned out to feed Nigerians with false information on his health.
"It became necessary to restrict access to two of three aides. Not everyone with the President in London is allowed to see or meet with him. Ministers and government officials have been shut out too.
"The declaration of the First Lady that the President was pleased with the conduct and performance of the Acting President was at the prompting of her husband to checkmate those who indulge in flying to London for unnecessary consultations and approvals."
On Saturday, June 17, thw Director of Information to the Wife of the President, Suleiman Haruna insisted that "Hajiya Aisha met and spent some time with the President. I even issued a statement on this."
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