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Ethiopia named the most welcoming country by Rough Guides

Top on the most welcoming countries in the world; Ethiopia has been voted as number one, with other most hospitable countries being India, Uganda, Colombia, Japan, Indonesia, Kenya, Myanmar, Finland, and Bolivia. Ethiopia earned the title from Rough Guides’ travellers votes collected from social media pages.

People who travelled the world selected Ethiopia as the most welcoming country at the Rough Guides; social media pages one of the leading travel publishers known for its “tell it like it is” review. The travellers review stated that travellers picked Ethiopia as profoundly beautiful East African country with a history that stretches back thousands of years. The historical country which stayed true to its culture with its warmest hospitality remained to be the favourite of global travellers.

Indeed Ethiopia is a place of genuine affection and hospitality. Irrespective of your origin you will feel defiantly at home enjoying great hospitality from complete friendly Ethiopian strangers. It’s customary to give visitors an absolute care and respect. It’s a place of charming meet and greet where you feel very important person every place you go in Ethiopia. “Warm Hospitality is a unique culture for Ethiopians but we are extremely happy that visitors witnessed it with their vote of confidence and rated our country as the “Most Welcoming Country” in the World Tewolde GebreMariam, Chairman of the Ethiopian Tourism Transformation Board and CEO Ethiopian Airlines said. Certainly Ethiopia is far from a destination of common but it’s a destination of extravaganza. From open air museums and ancient treasures, Ethiopia the land of great culture and history deserves the most welcoming country title, affirms Jumia Travel.  

The origin of humankind and ancient civilization; Ethiopia proved to be the fabulous diversified destination to visit. It’s hard to get bored in Ethiopia enjoying the sights, the bites and the over 80 ethnic traditions and way of life. The Ethiopian culture and tradition is best observed not only from the stunning landscapes but also from its unique food pattern filled with delicious variety from the many ethnic groups. Raw meat mixed with spices is a popular delicacy for locals and visitors. The land of bread, honey, and grains also have distinctive dishes like doro stew with boiled eggs, chopped collard greens, kitfo (minced raw beef), tibs (traditionally seasoned and fried meat), gord gored (cubed raw meat) often served with spice and ayibe (crumble cheese) as a side dish to ease the spicy food. There are many delicacies depending on type, size and shape of the meat marinated with several spicy powders that make up its exclusive dishes attracting travellers from all over the world.

Ethiopia is truly a unique place to be for history buffs and to those who admire sights and natural wonders. The land is also famous for discovering coffee and for its authentic charming coffee ceremony different than the rest of the world. The coffee discovery goes way back when a goat herder observed his herd’s affection for a certain bush and tried the bean for himself. After passing several blunders the coffee as we know it today was discovered by Ethiopia and introduced to the rest of the world. The world not only borrowed the bean from Ethiopia but its name too from the bean origin place Kaffa. The top country stunning destinations include Erta Ale the active bubbling volcano lake, Abay the largest river, Lalibela, Fasilides castle, Danakil, and Aksum among others.  
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