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The Ultimate Guide to Ethiopian massive Lakes

If you have ever been to Ethiopia surely you had the chance to experience the great water adventure at the most refreshing clean lakes. Ethiopia is truly one of a kind rare destinations of Africa which has so much for all interests of travelers. Whether you are a seasoned traveler who seen it all in different parts of the world or just starting to explore the globe it's inevitable to have an adventure that will take your travel experience to the next level. It’s a place for nature admirers who likes to explore the fabulous nature’s creations.  

Among the country's natural wealth are the pure lakes with lavish and fine surroundings of cottages and luxurious hotels that will add a glamour’s flavor to Ethiopia’s lake adventure. Jumia Travel explored the lakes to introduce you to the inspiring lake adventure. Sock up to the lakes swimming with dolphins or cruise to the middle of the lakes enjoying the surrounding view. Escape to the refreshing lakes where you will have an inspiring experience. Discover the stunning paradise at the crystal clear full of marine life lakes. Lake Tana, Bishoftu, Lake Hora Kiloli, kuriftu, Hora, Langano, Lake Shala, Abyata are the major lakes where you can have an unforgettable adventure.  Lie-down at the brown sands enjoying freshly squeezed juice which comes directly from the farm to the table.  

The lakes offer a truly timeless experience that will linger in your memory for years. While you enjoy the warmest sun and the great traditional and international cuisines the domesticated friendly monkeys, ducks and countless birds keep you entertained walking and searching their food right next to you. Try water sport using the small motor boats during late afternoon time or during early morning to experience the fresh breathe of the lakes. Avoid mid-day cursing as the sun can be strong. The lakes are the favored destinations packed with activities and marine life. If you like fishing or just want to watch fishers do their daily activities get ready for a traditional fishing exploration early in the morning. It’s one of the adventures you witness from the lakes. The fishes are delicacies especially to the southern region in Langano do not miss out on the freshly cooked fishes.

Nothing beats the adventure of a close up view of crocodiles, hippos, several birds and sociable monkeys. The lavish resorts fronting the lakes are also hard to miss as the rooms provide clear view of the lakes allowing you to see hippos, monkeys, baboons, warthogs, and numerous birds. Take time to discover the lake towns enjoying everything from history to pure lakes to wildlife and glamorous nature's creations without breaking the bank. Take a walk barefoot around the lakes enjoying the refreshing atmosphere of night time which is accompanied with outdoor dinners and bright stars.
Nestled into the heart of Ethiopian hospitable society, the lakes adventure are perfect for your beach getaway. The lodge, the surrounding areas and the fireplace with several couches for travellers to curl up on are added extravaganza of the lakes adventure. The lodges feature greener gardens and hammocks to enjoy the surrounding glamorous human made and nature’s creation. The best part is you can also create your own activities with the massive surrounding yards. The lakes are truly none like you experienced before, and you will continue to come back for the everlasting adventure.
By Eden Sahle. She can be reached at eden.sahle@jumia.com
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