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NAAPS Charges Members to Raise Standard of Living in Rural and Urban communities

Umar Abdullahi,Jos

 The National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools in the North-Central Zone of Nigeria Mr Lasing Bindal  has said, NAAPs is working with various heads of education to set up standard in the Educational sector of the country.

 The Coordinator of LOC Plateau and Chairman contact and Publicity said, the summit is aim is to  rescue the standard of education . He further said ,"In view of this ,the ministry of education has set up a committee to harmonized schools fee charge in private schools and NAAPS have agree towards implementing the benchmark ".

 In addition to putting in place a quality assurance  committee to checkmate the quality of teachers employed by private schools owners to enriche themselves.

 Bindal stressed that ,"NAAPS is highly against some private institutions are reportedly using their institutions as miracle center to aide and abid examine malpractices .

 He ,however, expressed dismay over the poor turnout of participants during 2017 Education summit with theme, rethink Education in Northern Nigeria :private schools and the quest for sustainable development goals .

Bindal called on member nation wide to raise the quality of life and standard of living for everyone in the world by Nigeria commitment to achieving the SDGs.
 The North Central Vice President ,Joseph Nwoke said, following the available statistics from the year 2000-2015 which shows that Nigeria performed below average on the MDGs .

According to him ,"we really do not need statistics to understand that if we are marking any progress at all on developmental indices it is very slow ,the present statistics has confirmed what is readily observable around .

 He lamented the high level of poverty as the clear pictures of malnourished children tell us that hunger is in the land with .any unemployed or under employed and a lot of schools age children roam the streets begging or Hawking's wares . 

Nwoke decried that Nigeria still have issues ,of cultural and religious gender equality and women empowerment ravaging the country including maternal and infant mortality rates on the high increase.He disclosed that facilities especially in rural areas are responsible for the death of pregnant women and children under the ages of five who can't access clean and safe water ,poor sanitary conditions ,inadequate housing and many more are issues that Government and development agencies in the north are working hard to effect Change.

 He appealed for more education develops and empower individuals to maximize their skills ,earn a living and contribute to the economic growth ,adding ,"education liberates and produces social change by equipping individuals to be able to thick objectivity . 

Nwoke express confidence that in many rural and semi urban communities,Private schools have provide a panacea to these inadequate Mijinyawa 2010 believes that the private education system was essentially born out of necessity to assistant government at all level including local governments. Governor Simon Bako lalong represented by Joseph Mairiga said government desire to give education her pride of public by committed towards applying appropriately the budgetary sector in the state.

 He noted that government is targeted  massive upgrading of facilities and provision of resources material  at three tiers of government and teachers capacity building. He reiterated lalong under rescue administration to provide teaching curriculum also emphasis educational development of the mind through value orientation to give due attention .
NAAPS Charges Members to Raise Standard of Living in Rural and Urban communities  NAAPS Charges Members to Raise Standard of Living in Rural and Urban communities Reviewed by IFEDAYO AKINWALERE on 1:05:00 pm Rating: 5