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Exclusive adventure at the ultimate green land of Harenna Forest

Exploring nature and woodlands can be like connecting to the planet earth, and what made it a hospitable planet to live in. The densely forested mountain of Harenna Forest is one of the global heritages for science and research and is also one of the fabulous destinations for hiking, wildlife, and crystal clear waterfalls view. Tie up your hiking boots and hiking gears and prepare to dig deep into this untouched treasure with Jumia Travel, that will share with you it's adventure in this magnificent forest.

Harenna forest is located south of Bale Mountains. The cliff is covered with tall forests including a shrub which grows very tall being the rare location to glow some of the trees tall than other countries. Being the second biggest forest in Ethiopia, it’s known as the foggy forest due to the clouds which covers the forests all year long. Its home to several wildlife’s including the famous Bale monkeys, several birds as well as wild coffee, honey and bamboo. The forest is a true place of adventure and the ultimate location to explore nature at its best. It’s a perfect place to detox from all the environmental pollutions of the cities deck your tent indulging on your snacks enjoy the fresh breath of the evergreen forests protected by nature itself. Make sure to dress for the forest it gets cold during the day and the night as well. Although it’s not necessary to pack too much fluid as the place keeps you hydrated it’s great to pack fluid along with sufficient foods as you burn a lot of energy hiking and walking the thick forests which landscapes becomes sloppy at times. Do not be intimidated by the sloppy nature of some of the lands, as the locals invented a way to walk with bamboo stick to avoid slipping down.

Before going deep into the forests, head to the traditional cottage restaurants to have the famous mouth-watering Rera dish made from kale and traditional pita bread. The locals are famous for best kale that no visitor is able to skip. It’s one of the natural energy foods to prepare for the rewarding exploration to the forests. The best part of hiking to Harenna forest is discovering the biggest and the small waterfalls which are crystal clear and even safe for a drink if you run out of packed fluids. Walks towards the cliffs to find Gusa the biggest waterfall that gushes stretching 5 meters below. You can have the best view of the waterfall standing at the bridge known as Gods bridge allowing passage to humans and the water fall. Truly there is nothing human made here everything and anything is from nature itself breaking your neck to view every stunning creation in the forest surrounding.

Although the Harenna forest park is foggy and cold several active lives exist. One are the bale monkeys who jump from tree to tree to feed from the forests. You can have a close up view as they do not mind you doing their usual activity. The monkey’s thick hair allow them to survive in such a cold weather which does not change much all year round. Near to the monkey’s habitat at a place called Katcha it’s possible to rest and gather energy enjoying the surrounding breathtaking view. These are just few of the grand adventures near the magnificent Bale Mountain and park.  It’s a must to have an experienced guide to explore Harenna moist tropical forest as the detours and finding your way at the park can be difficult unless you are used to the park. This is mostly  because of the cloudy nature of the park, which makes it easy to miss locations and be lost. The charming guides not only help you to safely explore but also, explain to you about the forests and the wildlife’s leading you the forest best spots.  
By Eden Sahle. She can be reached at eden.sahle@jumia.com
Exclusive adventure at the ultimate green land of Harenna Forest Exclusive adventure at the ultimate green land of Harenna Forest Reviewed by IFEDAYO AKINWALERE on 7:24:00 am Rating: 5