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Bites and sights of the Stunning Gurage

Dubbed as one of the hardest working societies in Ethiopia, Gurage, located in Southern part of the country is a perfect place for nature buffs and to those who want to try amazing local dishes. It’s a place where people travel far for its incredible adventure and natural bliss. You will want to head to Gurage for its exciting nature, food and its organic salted coffee, culture and certainly for a lot more.

With the growing array of adventure and bites the place has become a darling for locals and foreign visitors. It’s a timeless destination which will keep you inspired and fulfilled. This deep green location with traditional villages and houses is where many go to escape the regular and the crowed of big cities.
 The place is glamorous and full of traditional people who wave and smile at you while you walk by their villages.  Get outside and explore Gurage culture, market, Crater Lake and caves for everlasting delighting memory.

Start with Butajira and Welkite one of the awesome places of Gurage found on the road to Lake Ziway. It is located about 120 kilometres Southwest of Addis Ababa the capital city. From Addis Ababa a 3 hours comfortable bus ride will take you right in the middle of the great adventurous places.

 Butaijira located near the Great Rift Valley and mount Gurage is the central location to have the best of Gurage. Its green plains are to die for it’s full of refreshing weather, farms and best place to observe the local traditional life style. The crater lakes and the nearby cave which people use as home is a magnificent site to explore.

Hike up to the giant green mountain Gurage to explore the rugged and stunning terrains, villages, forests, canyons, and waterfalls. The top view is truly rewarding with its breathtaking view of the Great Rift Valley and the surrounding attractions. It forms part of the split dividing the drainage basins of the Awash and Omo rivers. Stop by at the cave where you will meet villagers who made the cave a warm home. The mountain also gives a great view of the lake, the massive canyon, the forests and the gorges. Do not miss out from Wuhjebar biggest market where you can purchase organic produce which are freshly cultivated for the market day. Wuhjebar is located on top of the mountain Gurage allowing you to enjoy the market and the site.
Gurage is truly a stunning place with lots of cheering activities and mouth-watering eatery. Uncover the delicious food tours at the place which made several exclusive local dishes at its best. The Gurage yummy cooking uses a rich array of locally fermented butter and homemade spices. 

The place is particularly famous for gomen (chopped collard greens), kitfo (minced raw beef), tibs (traditionally seasoned and fried meat), gord gored (cubed raw meat) with spices and ayibe (crumble cheese). Kocho the vegetable bread made from pulverized and fermented banana plant seed powder is very much worth tasting there is truly an absolute chance that you will not have enough if it. 

The plant bread is not only delicious but also nutritional prescribed by doctors for bone strength and repair. Kocho is not the only organic plant food here you can also have bulla the powdered plant root porridge which can be the best porridge you ever tasted. Complete your glamorous vacation with the organic coffee inside the traditional villages that will keep you warm and delighted.   
By Eden Sahle. She can be reached at eden.sahle@jumia.com
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