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Art: Book Review

Title of Book:                            The Art of Critical Writing and Reviewing.

Author:                                     Ifedayo Akinwalere

Publisher:                                 Emgee Publishing Ltd

Place of Publication:                  Ibadan, Nigeria

Date of Publication:                  June 2015

Number of Pages:                     177

Price:                                        N1500 @ $7.99

Available at:                             Nigerian Institute of Journalism,www.kobo.com,www.scrib.com & www.smarshword.com

Reviewer:                                 Yewhenu Senami Rebecca


Critical writing and reviewing is a course that is relevant in art and communication studies in tertiary institutions. It is entirely art and involves communication. The importance of this course to mass communication is of no mean value.

He who is not adept in communication cannot be a good critic. It is through criticism that work of art can be assessed, interpreted and graded. It is also through criticism that students understand literature. Review writing or criticism is that aspect of writing devoted to espousing a work of literature among others.

There is no means of us reviewing a book without talking about literature, defining literature will help in understanding what critical writing and reviewing is all about, Chambers’ Twentieth century dictionary defines literature as “the art of composition in the prose and verse; the whole body of literary composition universally, or in any language on a given subject; printed matter, human learning, literary cultural knowledge. Literature work is divided into three (3) which are Prose, Poetry and Drama, they can be criticised based on the perception of the critic.

“The Art of Critical Writing and Reviewing” explains the relevance of art criticism and details on how to review all genres of literature texts across disciplines and other communication expressions, the literature text includes Fiction and Nonfiction. Fiction is any literary work that is created from the writer's personal imagination. Non-fiction is any literary work of art that is based on life experiences, occurrences and facts.

Literary criticism is a modern term applied to the study, analysis, interpretation, evaluation literary work of art. Critical writing is mainly a part of the opinion function of the mass media as well as news function in term of providing information about new creative productions, discovery or ideas. Critical writing involves the expression of opinion, even though facts are also fundamental to it. Critical writing gives room for the writer to take sides, to be biased, to express opinion or views, which can be subjective.

The book explains different types of criticism, they are: literary criticism, performing arts criticism, journalism criticism, fine art criticism, journalism review, broadcast criticism, also they are types of review: pro-review, con-review and neutral review. 

Some of the elements of journalism criticism and review  are: truth, objectivity and fairness, clarity and precision, language, structure, style, coherence, currency, accuracy and clarity and attribution, there are also some news values that are also important based on criticism and review which are timeliness, prominence, proximity, oddity and novelty, magnitude, human interest, consequences and impact, emerging trends.
Ifedayo Akinwalere

When writing a critique some stages or steps should be considered in doing that; conception of idea stage, making a choice, researching the critique, organisation of critique (a suitable title, an outline, an introduction, the body of the essay, the conclusion), writing the critique, editing the critique and final draft.

There is no doubt that this text will be of great recommendation to all tertiary institutions on how to criticise and review all works of art. 

Art: Book Review Art: Book Review Reviewed by IFEDAYO AKINWALERE on 5:11:00 pm Rating: 5