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It was incredible yet it happened to me in broad daylight! I have heard,  I have seen but never believed it can happen to me.
  As a young school leaver, l'm proud to say that I'm exposed to a certain level worthy to proud of among my mates. I also live at the heart of Mushin in Lagos.

 I thought that l am no longer a novice who could be taken for a ride because I see myself as an enlightened and wise fellow. 

 It was on a faithful Saturday, the morning came early as usual, and the sun was out as early as 10: o clock.  The hustle and bustle of Lagos was at its peak. 

 Shop owners have started beckoning on potential buyers, hawkers already on the streets. I was on my way to see one of my friends when the unexpected happened.

A young man in his teens approached me. I look troubled and ruffled but I listened to his story.  He said he was from one of our neighbouring countries and he could not locate his destination but he remembered the area. He stated that many Lagosians had turned down his pleas for help.  
                   I wanted to break the jinx that Lagosians don't help. I have heard the area he mentioned, and I thought by time he goes and scans from the first house to the last house, we would locate the house. After three hours of searching, I gave up the chances of getting the actual location. 
                   "My friends I have some dollars with me that is what is bothering me” He stated. I developed instant interest in him.  I wanted to shield him from the con men of Lagos who may take advantage of his predicaments. He suggested a hotel along the airport road where he lodges for the night.  
                    At the Lord's hotel, he collected a key to one room and I followed him upstairs.  He sat on the bed, opened his briefcase and behold thousands of dollars were well arranged in rows. He told me that somebody taught him act of making dollars. He told me that he only needed one chemical and I would become a millionaire. 
 I went home, took few belongings, my father’s colour television for auction to raise ten thousand naira (N10, 000) meant for the purchase of the all important chemical. At last I got a buyer, collected the money and off and went to my friend. He collected the money and told me to come back the next day.
                   The next day did not waste time to arrive. I hurriedly took my bath and made up to become the next millionaire in the city of Lagos.

 I reached the hotel as early as 8 o' clock the next day, the hotel room was opened, nobody was able to say anything about my friend's whereabouts and my 10,000 naira was gone.  What should i tell my father? Please advise me. Or what do you think?
BY: Iyabo Akinbowale

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