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Corruption hurting the people?

•Hajia Ibrahim

According to The Nation,a former presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Hajia Hadiza Ibrahim, has urged leaders to shun corruption and focus on delivering the dividends of democracy to the electorate.

She spoke to reporters in Lagos.

Ibrahim told Newsextra that corruption is killing the country and unless the leaders change their attitude towards governance, the people will continue to suffer.

She said: “Corruption will never stop until when our leaders start to change people from one position, ministry and portfolio to another.

“Let me give you example. Since the creation of Aso Villa, there are some people who have been there and are still there.

“I travelled to a neighbouring country where I don’t need a passport to go. When they saw me, they said I am a Senegalese; may be because of my height. When I told them that I am a Nigerian, they said Nigerians are so corrupt. They said in Nigeria there are a lot of corrupt people and that our government is not doing anything about it.

“How can you be in government and be stealing? People who rob with biro are enjoying. All they need to do is to add some zero so that where you have millions, it becomes billions. That is why you see people buying property here and there. Who are the people buying these properties? Where do they get the money from? Nobody cares to know.

“Nobody is policing one another in this country. We need checks and balances. I urge Mr. President that charity begins at home, and that he should purge the Villa of some of its staff. These are the people selling appointment. “

Ibrahim, who spoke extensively on the happenings in her party, said she has had offers from groups from other parties like the All Progressives Congress (APC) but that she wants to remain in her party and assist in the rebuilding process.

She said: “Like I said, I am a woman of principle. I can never be a political harlot. I supported President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan with my vote and I cannot abandon him now.”

Speaking on the in-house crisis that has engulfed her party, she said: “As a matter of fact, in every home, there must be misunderstanding. There must be some challenges but that doesn’t stop it from being a home. The squabble in the party does not mean that the party has disintegrated.

“A party is made up of a group of people so there are bound to be problem but when the situation is under control, the party remains intact. I blame Ahaji Bamanga Tukur for all the problems in the party. He is like a father who cannot put his house together.

“The problem lies with our leaders. When a leader cannot control his house, he should be removed. Truly speaking, the man is too old for any leadership position. The party needs somebody who is reasonable; who is diplomatic. Diplomacy is what you need in a group like PDP to run it. Any group needs somebody who can understand the minds of his group; not somebody who is temperamental; who gets annoyed easily.

“The day Mr. President will sit down and say look there must be change that’s when this country will move forward.” 

source:The Nation
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