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Secrets to female satisfaction . What happens in a woman’s body during climax is very much like what happens in your (male) body

by Bosede Ola-Samuel

Most women want orgasms. That wasn’t always the case. A couple of generations or so ago, many adult females simply didn’t have climaxes – and a lot of them weren’t bothered about it. Probably a lot of them didn’t actually know what an orgasm was.

Some doctors claimed that for a huge proportion of women, it was ‘normal’ to have no experience of orgasm. Indeed, as late as the 1970’s, there were still some who maintained that female orgasm didn’t exist – and was simply a myth made up by the media.

All that has changed now. These days, medical opinion is that every woman should be able to have orgasms – if she wants to. Furthermore, the view of most sex experts is that the majority of women are capable of multiple orgasms – if they wish to have them. In general, the ability to have multiple orgasms is greater in more matured women.

What is female orgasm?
I am writing this explanation in the assumption that you – the reader – are male. But what follows will be of interest to a lot of female readers too.
What happens in a woman’s body during climax is very much like what happens in your (male) body when you ejaculate. In other words, there is a feeling of increasing excitement, building up to a point where everything ‘blows’ in a great blast of ecstasy. This ‘orgasmic moment’ is characterised by surges of contractions in the sex organs, occurring almost every 0.8 seconds.

Men are well aware that these throbs of pleasure are accompanied by the pumping out of spurts of seminal fluid. Obviously, this doesn’t happen in women.

A few females do produce some fluid at orgasm, but the impression given in so many erotic stories that most women ‘ejaculate’ is not correct. Only a minority of females do this.

Multiple orgasms
The other big difference between male and female orgasm is this: after the first climax, many women can ‘come’ again, often within a minute or two.

This ability is extremely rare in males. Relatively few young women can achieve multiple orgasms, because it’s an ability that usually has to be learned. But with the help of a skilled lover, most women can eventually achieve the capacity for multiple orgasms – if they so desire.

Bringing your women to a climax
For men perhaps the most important thing to realise about female climaxes is that with women, it’s not a mechanical thing – as it generally is with men.

You see, most males will ejaculate quite quickly if they have their penises rubbed. This applies even if the circumstances aren’t very romantic – or even if they don’t particularly like the person who is doing the rubbing! Women are not like this. Female orgasm isn’t a push-button response. The conditions have to be right.

Although females vary, many women need the following if they’re going to reach climax easily:
•A romantic atmosphere
•Pleasant, comfortable surroundings
•A partner who they really like
•A feeling of being wanted and appreciated
•A good flow of natural lubrication – so that the delicate female parts don’t get sore
•A skilled partner who knows how to stimulate the clitoris.

Unless you can provide the above, you are not going to have great success in giving your wife orgasms.

Please bear in mind that – contrary to what many men think – sexual intercourse by itself is not likely to produce an orgasm. This is because intercourse alone is not enough to stimulate the woman’s clitoris. Nearly all females need additional stimulation of the clitoris by fingers or mouth.

So, try not to give the impression to your wife that she ‘ought’ to be able to climax through intercourse alone and that that is what you think of as ‘proper sex’. The sex menu can be a varied one. Some women, for example, find it really easy to climax through oral sex – particularly if the guy is patient and sensitive to what his partner wants. And how does he find out what she wants and what turns her on? Well, a wise man will ask her.

What he should not do is to assume that his technique is flawless and that if his partner does not come, it’s her fault. Plenty of men think that because a previous girlfriend always came a certain way, this one should follow suit. Women are not all the same in their likes or dislikes. So, do try to treat your partner as an individual.

Many women like much more foreplay or love-play than men imagine. They want to feel that the man is keen on giving pleasure – and not just in a hurry to have his own climax. In fact, the worst thing a man can say to a woman is: ‘Haven’t you come yet?’ This is likely to make her feel extremely inadequate and will ruin any build-up of sexual pleasure and tension that might have been taking place.

What to do
In summary, here’s what to do if you want to bring your partner to orgasm regularly:
1. Don’t be in a rush.
2. Don’t be too demanding – it’s not an Olympic event.
3. Talk to your partner, and ask her what she wants you to do to her.
4. Always create a romantic atmosphere.
5. Make sure that everything is comfortable and nice for her.
6. Give her lots of kisses and cuddles before you even think about making any approach to her sexual area.
7. When you do start to stroke, rub or kiss her genitals, don’t rush into ‘attacking’ her clitoris. Take things gently, and see what she wants.
8. Use her own natural lubrication to moisten her clitoris. (If she is over 40, it may be a good idea to use some additional lubrication from a chemist or a sex shop).
9. Remember that stimulation of the clitoris is the key to female orgasm.
10. Sometimes encourage her to ‘run’ your sex sessions. You can learn a lot by watching how she stimulates herself or by really listening to her when she suggests a sex position, or a particular caress.

Source: http://www.tribune.com.ng/news2013/index.php/en/component/k2/item/16537-secrets-to-female-satisfaction
Secrets to female satisfaction . What happens in a woman’s body during climax is very much like what happens in your (male) body  Secrets to female satisfaction .       What happens in a woman’s body during climax is very much like what happens in your (male) body Reviewed by IFEDAYO AKINWALERE on 8:47:00 pm Rating: 5