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The colorful glorious Ethiopian Patriots Day

Ethiopia, a country not short of anything great is having its legendary colorful Patriots Day celebration on 5th of May. The day is not to be missed at the capital city Addis Ababa where the fighting took place between Ethiopian and Italian military forces back in 1941. Patriots Day is dedicated to commemorate the patriots, the people who died during the war and the once who died fighting for their country to maintain Ethiopia’s independence Jumia Travel learnt.  

The day is commemorated with so many fun activities and reenactments of the war by the patriots. On this date, Ethiopia for the second time in the country’s history faced the challenge to keep its independence ending the five years control. Again Ethiopia gained victory with the then administration of Italy following Adwa victory. According to historians the second victory encouraged other African countries in occupation to seek independence.

 The day marked a day of freedom for the entire Africa including Ethiopia. The victory day made Ethiopia an inspiration of hope, freedom, and liberation for Africa while countries in the continent were under colonial rule. On the occasion of Patriots' Victory Day, a series of ceremonies are held at war memorials and monuments throughout the country while the main event is conducted in Addis Ababa the highest capital city in Africa.

The outdoor celebration always gets a visit from the president, diplomats, officials, and former soldiers who re-enact the battle day with their Medal of Honor and military uniform of the time. The public and tourists also attend the event to enjoy the re-enactment of the battle on the streets of Addis Ababa.

 The Amharic language poems of the time will never go out of time being the highlight of the celebration. In Ethiopia, public holidays are the best time to avoid the crowds and enjoy the vibe of the city. Head to mount Entoto the highest peak at 3,200 meters high offering top view of the vibrant city Addis Ababa. 

The glamorous city is erected surrounding the greener peak revealing the entire capital city and its magnificent architecture. The mountain although found in the center of the capital city it offers a traditional lifestyle that is kept for centuries. From the people their lifestyle, the museums, churches and the forests are stunning views of the highland.
Start with the ancient museum which exhibits royal belongings including the traditional drum that announced the war in Adwa during the Ethio-Italian war and the ceremonial and traditional wardrobe of the royal family.

 Entoto earned its initial fame and remained to be the historical place when King Menelik II lived after he moved the Ethiopian capital city from Ankober to Addis Ababa. The mountain is also home to several churches including the famous Church of St. Mary. The architectural design and the inner wall paintings of the church are captivating. Locally the mountain is considered a sacred holy and a prayer place due to the monasteries and the churches.
The place is not short of anything offering from breathtaking ancient history to handmade crafts and traditional cotton clothing. The fertile place offers fresh fruit and vegetable cultivations which made it to the market at a cheaper price. Most hikers energize themselves eating from the fresh fruits buying from the mountain streets.  

The mountain is densely covered by greener trees that were imported from Australia during the kingdom of Menelik II. The place is referred as “lung of Addis Ababa” due to its clean fresh air. While enjoying the Patriots Day outdoor celebration, complete your day exploring the natural stunning sights of Addis Ababa at Entoto.  
By Eden Sahle. She can be reached at eden.sahle@jumia.com

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