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Suba Forest the Ultimate Pick Nick and Wildlife View

If nature with longest green trees and wildlife view is your thing, then exploring the Menagesha Suba forest ancient parks are your perfect bet. Suba forest is one of the best places to be immersed in Ethiopia’s greener dense forests that lasted for over five centuries being the oldest forest in Africa. Located just 40 kilometres away from the capital city Addis Ababa it’s found lying in 2500 hectares of massive glamorous landscape.  

Suba is not only a place of trekking and wildlife view but also a place of an absolute refreshment and adventure Jumia Travel observed. Suba forest established in 1434 during the time of emperor Zera Yacobe. Legend has it that the forest was erected for the royal family and the king of the time. 

The rewarding trek takes over five hours for fast walkers to make it to the top at mount Wuchacha and Damocha where you can see the entire forests and the capital city on the far. Deck your tent and camp at the refreshing fresh air from the forests and the magnificent nature. 

The forest trail is also the best place to closely view the wildlife including the endemic Menelik's bushbuck, anubis baboon, Rougets' rail, blue-winged goose black-headed siskin, colobus monkey, bush pig, warthog, leopard, cats and birds. The natural habitat of the place has been protected since the 15th century. It’s an exceptional family and romantic adventurous place accompanied with walking under over five centuries gardens spotting several birds and wildlife’s who are friendly and harmless.

The stunning forest is full of life. No doubt the forest and the wildlife are the major draw at Suba Park but the traditional villagers are another attractions to the place. They based their life on the forest cultivating and leaving with the friendly abundant wildlife. Ethiopian oriole, yellow-fronted parrot, black-winged lovebird, banded barbet, Abyssinian woodpecker and Abyssinian catbird are few of the wildlife’s who walk by the forest adding a fabulous flavour to the over 500 years old forests and craters. Have your meals out in the fresh breath of the 50 meter long forests. Look for the Abyssinian Black-headed Forest Oriole, Abyssinian Slaty flycatcher, Banded Barbet, Black-winged Lovebird, Thick-billed Raven, Wattled Ibis, White-backed Black Tit and white-collared Pigeon among the best wildlife to see.

Exploring the massive forest and the park safely is very easy just follow the five trails reading from the information’s that will be handed out at the entrance will also allow you which trail to follow to view the wildlife and the forest at the best spot. You can camp and enjoy the wildlife closer when they come looking to pick their food. 

Try the traditional guest houses inside the park that will allow you to enjoy the nature and the sights of the surrounding just do not forget to lock your doors as the monkeys and rabbits will come to take your foods from inside but if you love adventure hide and watch them while they strategically take some of your food, it is an exciting experience by itself. It’s a must to pack ample foods and waters as the park does not provide such a service however foods and waters can be found at the nearby restaurants and shops.
By Eden Sahle. She can be reached at eden.sahle@jumia.com
Suba Forest the Ultimate Pick Nick and Wildlife View Suba Forest the Ultimate Pick Nick and Wildlife View Reviewed by IFEDAYO AKINWALERE on 4:05:00 pm Rating: 5