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Lami Phillips Singer shares adorable family portrait

Popular singer, Lami Phillips, who welcomed her second daughter few months ago » has shared a portrait of her family.

Lami in a photo posted on Instagram today, January 5, 2017, accompanied it with a candid caption about how she met her husband.

"This here is the manifestation of a vision/ faith sown in 1997.. teenagers who knew they were meant to be together.. married soon after in our twenties..had bestie same year..decided to focus on her.. we were so content.. and then God spoke Sunshine into our lives.. we feel complete .. #blessed."

Meanwhile, Lami is getting back that post baby body. The singer in a photo shared on September 26, 2016, accompanied it with a candid caption about not having to keep up false appearances.

She wrote, "So .. here’s a no filter: no makeup post delivery picture .. let’s be honest .. no matter how many times you give birth.. no matter how many times the doctor tells you that you’ll look 6 months pregnant for about 6 months (on average) , nothing prepares you for your post delivery body.

Everyone talks about this mysterious SnapBack but I think that the first three months after the delivery are similar to the first three months of pregnancy. You spend the time trying to regroup.. mind , body and soul. It’s a job nobody can help with. Even if you rush on the outward appearance.. your soul still needs to go at it’s own pace. I really could slap make up on and throw out some inspiring quote and wear some outfit that’s says “IM BACK!” .. but today I’m just hugging all women and saying … ” travel your journey.. at your own pace” It occurred to me today .. that being myself is my gift. Yes I sing, act.. write etc. but I believe that when I am myself.. I inadvertently give others permission to do the same. I just got tired of The Whole pretense you know.. we all act like we have our ducks in a row . Truth is we are all just trying to be better. Social media is usually utilized as a means to show off.. and put the best package of yourself forward. I just want to be me.. however that comes across and whatever that means. #LamiLIVING."

Lami Phillips has been married to Labo Gbadamosi for 12 years and they have two daughters.

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