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For Ladies How independent women run their relationship

To be an independent woman is a title many women crave for, to be able to foot your bills without depending on anyone or a man the feeling is priceless. As young adults, this is one of our dreams and aspirations.
Many young ladies have attained such heights in their career pursuits but they still find themselves single and searching.
This is a controversial topic in our society, many men believe a woman who is rich can’t find a man to get married to or a steady relationship because they flaunt their wealth and so they chase men away, because of this notion they believe men who settle down with these women are either gold diggers or as wealthy as they are.
This is not enough reason for a woman to drop her education and job because of a man; she has to balance her relationship and her career. She can do this by letting a man perform his sole responsibilities which are to profess, to protect and to provide.
When she does these by stepping back and taking her responsibility as a lady and allowing her man to perform his duties. The relationship is bound to last for a long while and could lead to marriage. Below are few tips you can emulate they are:
. Men naturally love being in control so instead of setting off the bill on each date. Allow him to pay on a special occasion, you may spice things up sometimes by splitting the bills or go dutch
. Let your man show you he cares to the best of his pocket. Allow him to take you to event/occasions he can afford, this shows a desire to adapt and enjoy his company
. You should allow him to drive when you go out for events or dates.
. Treat your man to a home cooked meal once in a while; remember the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach that way has not changed.
. Finally, you should allow him support you financially do not refuse his money by claiming you have enough.
When you do all these you will boost his ego and make him appreciate you more because you have given him his respect as a man.
Every man likes to perform his responsibility and it hurts when their women try to prove to them, they are good without them you are indirectly telling them to look for the exit door in the relationship.
For example, when you have your own business and you still ask your husband for money to fix your hair, he knows you can afford it but he still gives you because you are his wife and that’s his responsibility.
A man loves a woman who is smart, loving and can strike the balance between her career and her family. Finally, every marriage and relationship are built on love, trust and understanding.
Written by Jennifer Umoru

For Ladies How independent women run their relationship For Ladies
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